And finally sleeping Thanks oh no they’re crying again nice that’s a lovely toy amazing that’s a llama hi joy mommy loves you mommy loves you thank you what the twins are sick gentle let’s help my little boy my baby is very brave don’t cry great don’t cry I’m gonna be over soon don’t cry it’ll be over soon it.

Was very brave honey we don’t cry it’ll be over soon be gentle maze much.

Better thank you play nice some puzzles together well done haha very cute well done cute let’s put it on the wall time for a story let’s make a toy my baby’s first cut along the line let’s iron in the corners trying to stop it let’s stitch the left let’s step on the last side what choice choice the toys.

Heart with amazing attributes nice one each the twins the ABCs let’s select a letter from the alphabet a let’s select the item which begins with the letter we chose Apple now let’s paint design and all minion toys heart with amazing attributes nice one let’s dig a few holes in the ground what should we plant put the seeds in the.

Holes put more let’s close the holes great I did more what should we clamp put the seeds in the holes now let’s close the holes now fill the cam with water let’s water the seeds creative.


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