Tennis courts are for tennis players use only tennis court rules tennis shoes only play limited to one set when others waiting or one hour no skateboards rollerskates bicycles hockey playing on courts however skateboards are allowed at the skate park here in the city of Ukiah nobody around because it is a hot hot day around 100 degrees now I.

Videos out in the park out there that is low Gap park there is a disc.

Golf course over there but normally I start this video or my other videos walking around in the park once I get back into the park and up on the trails there because it’s quieter because normally right here is a busy scene with the parking lot right here and that is the Ukiah high school however because it is so hot people are staying out of their Sun in the middle of the afternoon so.
I’m going to get started walking into the park now so this.

Is Ukiah high the only high school here in Ukiah I am from this area however I did not go to high school at Ukiah high there because I was raised in the town of Willits.

North of here about a 30-minute drive now if you didn’t see my last video then check the link down below if you want to see more of this area and see the high school that I went to up in bullets as well as the middle school.

The elementary school the road that I was raised on where I lived out in the woods with my parents and younger brother back in the late 70s and 80 and then I show a great swimming spot so a little bit of a tour of this area I’ve been back in California and the United States for almost two weeks now but obviously haven’t been filming much than taking a break and was catching up.

On the other videos from my trip to Asia and so those videos are all finished I’m now all caught up and I’m trying to figure out my upcoming travel plans I.

Have some fun things in the works I’ll get to that in just a minute I just wanted to mention my offer for my.
E-books it’s been a while since I made this offer it is.

Always available but basically I have books that are available on amazon.

com as both ebooks and printed paperback books but I make an offer.

For people to purchase them directly from me and the offer is a donation basis in which you can pay whatever you want and I will send you for my ebooks they’re five bucks a.

Piece for the ebooks online so that is $20 for the for e-books all right so here’s a creek as you can see no water in it now mid-august and very very hot also Hayes from the fires around the disc golf course is up there I’ve been planning to make a like how to.

Play disc golf video at some point because it’s a head up here and play when I’m here visiting my family so my mom lives in the neighborhood over by the high school there and so.

I just walked over here and so anyways if you want to get my books at a price that you can afford which is whatever you want to pay $3 $5 $10 $20 whatever you might want to donate to my travel.

Fund and I get a little help that way paying for my travel costs and it’s also a good deal.

You just make a donation on PayPal and then I will email you the ebooks right back and it is very simple and straightforward before books are following my thumb a decade of unabashed to one or lust which Chronicle was my travels throughout the 1990s from you up to the United States Alaska Hawaii and India a gay bride to budget travel.

Which is like travel tips and stuff for getting ready for a trip packing booking flights travel insurance all that kind of stuff a budget.

Travelers dream which is a collection of various short stories and essays about traveling and then my book of fictional.

Short stories the most hilarious thing that ever happened and my personal favorite of my own.

Writing a bunch of just weird quirky funny strange stories of mine so anyways look down below for the info you will just use my email address to send a donation via PayPal alright so getting on to my upcoming travel plans and then after that I will talk about the future of my channel here some just kind of general thoughts about what I want to do going forwards various plans and ways.

That I want to shift my channel and my and my videos I was thinking that I might do some adventures back here in in California or Oregon I’m not sure if that’s going to happen now other than you know that little road trip.

That I did where I went to the river again check the link down below if you want to watch that one and maybe I’ll get in another day of exploring around here or something but it’s looking less likely that I will do like.

A backpacking trip or something like I was hoping to or a.

Extended road trip because I’m getting excited to head back to Europe possibly like next week or within the next week or two still getting some things straightened out but basically I want to go back.

Know that some people will be a little bit disappointed I’ve been in Greece five times before I have tons of videos is there why am I going back to somewhere that I’ve been so many times already a couple of reasons one is.

That the tourist season in Greece is through the summer and by like early fall and it is wrapping up the restaurants and hotels are shutting down there will be.

Hardly anyone on the islands other than locals if you saw my videos from a mykonos the island of mykonos in greece the last time I was in Greece a few months ago back in the winter and you have seen that the village was just utterly deserted and it was a you know.

Nice experience it was what I expected I knew they would be like that but you can’t swim you just feel like you’re the only person around it’s kind of desolate and lonely feeling and so you don’t.

Experience and so if I want to go back to Greece before next year next summer and.

Now is the time to do it you go.

For it and the other reason is that I kind of need a vacation and I know that that would sound kind of ridiculous coming from me what.

Am I talking about him you know a full time traveler traveling all the time but be traveling in foreign lands is intense and.

Especially when you factor in the video creating while.

Traveling it is really intense it is super full-on as I mentioned then I was finishing up my videos from Asia once I got back to California here and that is the way that it is all the time is that you are always behind you always have more videos to edit they are very time-consuming to create I am posting like you know five videos or so per week and so that means that I’m creating a video like every.

36 hours filming editing research to whatever extent I you know manage to get any research in uploading it to YouTube and.

Then also of course managing my channel responding to comments the whole process of uploading the video of creating a thumbnail and.

Entering in the information and dealing with the sporadic wireless internet connections and then also just planning out my trip figuring out where I’m going to be staying for the next.

Going to fly to next finding restaurants in.

A foreign land not knowing the language trying to learn something about this country all that kind of stuff and so every like 36 hours I’m putting out these videos some of which the bed 20 the 30 minutes long and so that is quite a lot of work to create those.

Even though they are fairly basic editing compared to a lot of.

Other people so anyways it is a lot of work and I never really get a.

Going to Greece then is I’ve posted so.

Many videos of Greece already and so I don’t need to post every day film every day and so that would be part of the deal with going to Greece is to not film as much not post as many videos and every few days maybe even just once a week or whatever it’s just gonna depend on what I feel like I give a taste of the Greek islands certainly because it’s gonna be awesome I’m planning to go to some.

Islands that I haven’t been to before and do some camping and just kind of chillin and finally finish the book that I.

Bought in India back in November or something and I’m like three chapters into it because I just never find time for reading and so have more time for doing other.

Things other than videos videos videos and just get some downtime and kind of think about what I want to do for the future for this coming winter especially which might mean moving back to the US and taking a break more permanently for the winner I’m going to be looking into a house-sitting opportunities and see if I can find a good house-sitting situation have free rent and get into a house without having to commit.

To a year-long lease or whatever and so that would be the ultimate solution to be able to come back more permanently to the US and take a little break from your travels even if I do that I have so many ideas for videos that I can create when I’m not making any travel vlogs I.

Have a long list of videos that I wanted to create for awhile like my YouTube tips video and various travel stories a bunch of turkeys on the.

Path up here and so there’s plenty that I can do even.

If I’m living somewhere including of course making videos about that place wherever it might be and so it’s very likely if I do go.

To Greece that I will go to some other places as well maybe I’ll get up to like Macedonia Kosovo Serbia parts of the Balkans that I didn’t go to the last time that I.

Perhaps go back to like Croatia or maybe Albania and see some more or maybe other parts of Europe or maybe go back to Morocco or Egypt.

Or Turkey er who knows it will be open-ended and flexible as usual I’m just looking at one-way flights and there are cheap flights to Europe right now so that is good and so I could book something any minute and so there might be.

Some bigger breaks between videos in the month or two coming up in which I’ll be doing more relaxation and just.

Doing a bit of travelling without filming everything I’ve been doing this for a long.

Time YouTube travel vlogging and haven’t given myself much of a break in a long time so it’s kind of needed and will be a nice nice little change of pace but I will certainly still be posting every once in a while so as for the future of my channel then basically I want to start creating better videos but that is necessarily going to have to mean creating less videos.

Because as I was saying I just can’t create videos on par with Carl Watson or Arthur Moore or Eric Conn over the vagabrothers people that are certainly creating more high-quality better production value videos than mine I can’t do those making five of those a week all by myself all of those guys are making less videos than me vagabrothers it’s two.

Of them they have a team on some of their 10 when.

I met up with him in India it.

Was a group of 5 people doing all the filming their videos from India are incredible and check him out of Agra brothers but as you will see if you check out their channel they have far less actual travel claws compared to mine because you can’t create that kind of quality.

Content on a super regular basis and so I would like to basically like create more.

Spectacular incredible destination videos going to more unique places and maybe longer format make more of them 30 to 60 minutes about a big.

Adventure of some sort trekking and make it just one big long video or hitchhiking adventure or whatever and make.

Them more more epic more memorable more creative more of a.

Work of art rather than pumping out these videos every day or two which I know some people do enjoy the daily content but it’ll give me a break to not.

Be posting so frequently and it will also result in better quality content and so we’ll see just a idea I’m playing around with and it will depend on the various circumstances where I am and what’s going on and stuff but that is generally what I would like to move towards is posting less often but hopefully they will be worth.

The wait and really epic videos that are you know going to be you know really.

Worth watching alright I’m wiped out.

Hopefully uh this video walking along and huffing and puffing wasn’t too annoying but gave you a little taste of the woods here classic forests of this area and then up ahead I’ll get a little view of the Ukiah valley of the town and the hills that will be obscured because of the haze from the.

Smokes well just get up there and finish this video showing the view so normally.

You should be able to see that Ridge and more Hills back there a.

Lot more easily but it’s just all obscured with smoke anyway the town of Ukiah population 16,000 out there is highway 101 that goes all the way down.


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