Howdy here with the travel adventure dude here in West Java just outside of bong doom in an area called Mary Maya and we’re on the way to get ourselves some monitor lizard satay I think it’s monitor lizard I don’t know for sure the translations that have been given to me don’t really add up to what people say but.

It’s monitor lizard and I’m quite excited to try it I’ve been watching monitor lizards in Indonesia here we are it’s a little bit of a wet day.

And oh you’re selling goldfish d2l econ moss oh look at those goldfish the guys are selling all those them toys okay so we’re here west java countryside and alice film a little bit of this as we go down my love she slip that new year wrist will keep it on a little ways cuz.

It’s wet we’re not going to keep it on the.

Home way and for those of you watching here we are gonna go get some I think it’s monitor lizard satay here in West Java travel adventure style and pretty nice up here pine forest for.
Those of you that have never.

West Java or Indonesia for that matter I bet you probably never would think that you find pine trees here well you go up high enough there are pine trees even in Bali and we’re up in.

The pine all right so that’s the spot right there the monitor lizard place it’s right after talk about prowl on the road yeah you’re going to see.

That row of waterings there and this is a famous place of interest in bong.

Ding or lamb bong it’s to talk about prom okay no you’ll pass the entrance to the talk about problem okay no you’ll be.

Coming down the road you’ll see that row of wall rooms you can be coming down the road here and then you’re going to see this place okay so that’s it you’re going to have this road you’ll be coming down the road like all these cars you see that first row of our rooms and.

Then you’re going to look for that place right across the street that’s where the monitor lizard satay is right here so there it is this is the SAP a bi walk I think this is it Travel adventure and its finest see what we got ha-ah – Saturday be our he took up by in to be a walk for leha surah deport oke – Kyah Kyah Kyah Komodo Gojira kayak yeah guy a lizard lizard lizard yeah monitor lizard yeah oh yeah he brought rafasa to any jewelry.

Mahato monkey doctor brought to a polymer okay Aristotle in Jeju gonna trot ecology rabbits at a volley mazurkas a beacon video and tactical.

In Chiba rapid a to force another rapid drop will reboot so 20,000 for the rabbits make a phenomenon Maeda what’s the data in the Appa Yakka me please you don’t be dumb Anna okay so I want a softer : seesaw to actually any decent doer no no no the start list when I think it’s a it’s a two-color colossi Asuka moonkin Samba eeny yeah we’ll go with the rabbits at a and this is the.

Monitor lizard say lizard yeah Calabar fingers lizard yeah BB I walk yellow yeah at a combat at a photo be I walk no yeah copy.

Proper society of thing and a core how big are they with the tail yeah that’s a monitor lizard kya kya kool Moe toe yeah kai a komodo dragon yeah let’s go mother dragon alright like they see.

Me up a lonesome nothing here I’m a nothing nada not super car okay not see pootie I am a monitor lizard I taste yummy picking it up over here there’s everything on the little drill right from the freezer so young mana be I walk new yella that one not being Polizzi so you’ve got monitor lizard sought a goat saute and tell me or my heart gravity on.

Being in agreement and Nick rabbit out so that’s the monitor lizard satay right here I’m being hit and this is all.

In C so if you come up here you want to get caught a B I’ll walk that’s monitor lizzard so for those of you what you want is that stuff right over there saute be aa wok Cydia is available say available as the D Asante of satam in Bialik is monitoring this look at that on this busy road here with this kid that’s screaming his head up hi why are you screaming why are you screaming kenapa Tarraco don’t be scared of me nothing be calendula I know I’m.

Just you Hannah we get job doing corn they’re ready to go and your young coconut pick it up what I’m talking about Diwali be Iraq nominee hollow horn when I look yeah the color Hollywood Valley copy order and key that makan VoIP Bali right more on Bali sukima clan Bobby yeah well they Sam I certainly had that would move yeah for the video got an FTA I’m out Todd Rollo kasi restaurant move to Josiah had a buddy through.

YouTube channel up on Sam McCroskey need to youtube visa okay so he said I can go in.

The kitchen look at the size of the bananas I think you probably polyp plantains somewhere else just to give you an idea as we’re going in the kitchen here let’s check it out enter into an Indonesian.

Style kitchen in the little ballroom of restaurants you got a little bit here for them to kick back on when they’re not busy yep better take off my shoes before I go in get your dog dude music playing yeah and then here’s a little.

Cooking area back here yeah for those of you into cleanliness well not really no or its cleanliness tomorrow’s but you know that’s the way it goes sometimes you know basically if you’re like me the travel adventure dude I got a stomach made of.

Steel since leave from all the years here I got all the bugs in me and yeah so here are your.

Copies and oatmeal energy drinks and stuff and look at that then here you look like my friend almost so which here.

We go which one is the BI walk yeah mana be Allah in the arm can.

You come be so monitor lizard rabbit and rugged hi yeah I want that time I’ll do it into our time LLC I’d I catch up money so doc yeah okay so.

We have to try this I’m going to go right away with this honey go ahead and credit since the batteries going down why don’t we go ahead and give this a.

Shot I’m going to go for it well it’s nice and hot my first actually I’ve had I.
Had some monitor lizzard years and.

Years ago in Bali but it the boys in the restaurant didn’t cook it right I don’t think what’s kind.

Not too good with a seed two thumbs up it’s good stuff wow that’s good I thought it would be similar to crocodile but is nothing like crocodile it’s good hmm Wow an extra colleague Wow one fire let’s see what you think what do you think monitor lizard a little.

Bit chewy but good and good huh it kinda has that bit of a reptilian aftertaste to it pretty good huh try another one kind of like chicken there’s a bit of a almost you know in your mind you.

Think reptilian so maybe that my mind is saying it’s a reptilian aftertaste the battery’s just about done here so let’s take a look at this table there’s our monitor lizard saute again with this sauce so there it is I’m gonna have to go for another bike here pretty good pretty good I guess that saute Bialik really tasty then we got her goat and rabbit down there which is really shot we’ve done that before that one’s to go and then we’ve got a video of the rabbit saute this stuff you’re going to have yourself.

Cold which means star in Indonesian releases.

Be right here basically or Heineken because I’m not mistaken.

It’s Dutch influence and it’s the same company’s Heineken anyhow let’s go for the rabbit Sante always on the street here wonderful that’s better than the other place that rabbits are they it’s better than the other place up the road it’s not as spicy either I quite like it a lot I don’t say he it’s yummy stuff quite yummy you got your ketchup my knees which is sweet soy sauce you know you always get contamination.

And also ketchup the scene or just normal soy sauce it every meal just about it Indonesia they eat rice here’s your sweet.

Soy sauce with all these chilies in it little bit too close I think honey this is going to be some spicy stuff I might try that later but all those chilies in there God has got a dis beat spicy spicy YC I is the girl honey I’ve had to go many.

Got to get your site to be our care in you go from bung do – limbo.

Limbo your head pork soo bahk we’re not interested now he go up through the pine forest you monitor lizard Sunday good stuff really good.

I gotta say as far as bizarre what strange foods go of all the things I’ve ever had that are sot api walk because they call it it’s good very different cheers to you watching making sure job over the West Java the adventures don’t be afraid to try new.

Things and always have fun be safe on your journeys the travel adventure game do it.


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