All right good morning boys and girls from Korean girls house in Coquitlam well I guess not her house this is my house but we’re on her Street I came late last night because decided to pick her up in the morning and head out to deep cove in North Vancouver spend a night or two out there at least I.
Think oh yeah lots of unsure ”tis with her again it’s been pretty much.

A given for the last month that going to her birthday party her birthdays on Friday and last night when I dropped off those roses she tells me oh sorry my family’s not comfortable having you.

Over so you can’t come I don’t know how to take that yeah that’s I guess just the way it is so I’m not too happy and it’s just a sign I guess over the way our relationships been lately so just I guess she’s still she was kin off and on wanting to make sure we continue a relationship and then she says.

Don’t know about our future and then she says oh yeah things are good with us and our relationships good but I don’t know I’m second-guessing all this now up until now I’ve been pretty much set and trying now I just yeah I don’t know I don’t know is what it is I’ll enjoy the experience and I’m gonna try and make the best of this weekend because there’s a concert that.

I’ve wanted to see coming up Sunday and after that I’ll let her go a little bit.

And maybe just do a casual see her a casual date for a while I don’t know I’m undecided whether to give it up or not so anyways we’ll update you there yeah I’m gonna grind some coffee up and I’ve got the rest of a no-name batch and this stuff I bought on salt spring island it’s came from actually one of the islands beside Ometepe and it’s a naturally Fairtrade coffee so we’re gonna try this out I tried it one cup of it.

That they made and I liked it so I bought this one and yeah so cheers for a bit okay why am i preferring this type of hand grinder two reasons actually simply number one power living in.

A van with limited electrical charging abilities yeah instead of using an electric grinder this baby works awesome I don’t have to use up all my valuable pop power electrical power yeah sure I’m gonna go with solar but you know what this works the other thing is I like the fine grind that this does it gives a really good grind and it gives a stronger almost expresso type consistency and.

Yeah and check this out look at this I’m using I got my light going it’s not dark out it’s only what time is it oh it’s 559 it’s almost six o’clock and the temperature look at the temperature of 66 degrees.

Perfect temperature today I don’t know what that’s in Celsius Celsius nineteen yeah that what works for me but this freakin look at look at look a.

Little bit Wow eighteen volt Ryobi power it freakin lights up like freakin crazy I got my big mess I’m cleaning up d Walt that kit I’m selling now that I’ve got the ryobi where we put it online.
And I’ve already got a hundred.

Dollar offer for the kit but I’m.

Gonna I’m going for a little more we’re gonna try one forty one thirty so I’m trying to organize my cupboards I want to use that cupboard to store all my pots and before didn’t use it for anything so but check this out see on oh that’s half on see big freaking difference guys okay just waiting for trying to get some sunshine in before the rains.

Come their prediction predicting a few days of rainy and cool weather.

We’re gonna go to deep cove and try and enjoy.

The week and before the rain comes and.

Yeah I don’t know how Korean girl affords her place I think I’ve got an idea now that.

Things are becoming a little more clear now that she’s under a.

Little bit of stress I’m not gonna talk to her ask her about it that’s not my business but yeah six hundred and fifty thousand for these little apartments or.

Condos here and I guess that’s a part of the housing bubble here overpriced places that’s a starting rate six fifty the ones on the other side of this building overlooking the city are around 800,000 so on her wage yeah I don’t know how she does it and right now yeah I’ll post a couple ads here it shows that Vancouver has a fourth largest housing bubble in the world unbelievable and I don’t know how they do it especially with the costs.

Of being in debt I seen an ad again I’ll post it here that every Canadian for every dollar they make they owe a dollar seventy or a buck 68 something like that frickin phenomenal uh that’s a lot of debt I.

Have to work two lifetimes to pay that but not me because you know what that’s what that’s my house yeah sure I don’t make a lot of money.

Gonna make anything selling that’s he god I don’t know where I’m going to this.

If you do all condo and it does go up in price well that’s a good thing because.

You’ll make a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand or fifty thousand but the opposite is if this bubble bursts it’s not a matter of if.

It’s when it’s no choice then you know.

What you stand to lose especially if interest rates go up which the markets already seeing a change around so anyways we’ll talk about more markets and stuff in a future video I’ve seen ads here in Vancouver.

Again I’ll post the pictures of where people are rent spending a thousand dollars a month to rent a tent in people’s backyards here oh my god when the hell does that unbelievable are 20 people living in one house to be able to pay to afford a level of rent that doesn’t cost 1500 bucks a month.

For rent again she was considering renting out her condo for 2,500 a month and it’s not large it’s a small two-bedroom so anyways Cheers enough.

Talking time to get her going here we go to deep cove and enjoy sunshine or there it is thanks guys always stay awesome see you next time.


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