Hello that was a really weird intro yeah uh uh yeah did I make a video still sick super cold know about the yeah ma uh we’ll be doing a tech bag with you wait hold on like this please take some wallet looks nice I went Christmas look start of the year I’m showing it yeah I really like it.

Yeah yeah I’m a gamer I’m a PlayStation fan yeah hello-o see ya gonna be gone from a bag yeah.

This is my traveling tech bag yeah I really like technology and stuff so I have got in my tech bag in the first law is my laptop.

My laptop and my laptop accessories and if if I feel like it sometimes put a tablet in there as well what happened but I don’t usually take that places usually laptop yeah anyway so the.

Specs dis I don’t actually know I know all I know about it is that it is Windows 8.1 we tossed my thing yeah it is really nice it’s really good I don’t know the people don’t like that OS but I like it it’s good yeah so I’m a.

Gamer so yeah this this computer isn’t a good for gaming book it’s like a three year old laptop so yeah and probably like 5000 viruses uh yes sir there’s a bunch of files on there I’ve got bunch of editing software but they’re all free trial I’m planning on saving up to buy a new editing software yeah just my tech bag and so wait move this so this is my charger.
From a laptop it’s nice stuff um yes normal plugs okay I can’t.

Charge it with the power bank and I think I mean there might be some portable plug sockets that you.

Can get but yeah I’m not I don’t know yeah but this thing is really cool because if it’s on like using like a table or something it gives you extra USB slots micro u. micro SD SD these things I don’t even know they are yeah and it’s also a fun stand now I don’t we need a phone stand because well I kinda do because I’ve already got I’ve got.

It’s that attached to my case so I can just pull it out and sit stand but um for the phone I’m recording on I’m using my phone yeah because I don’t have that in my tech bag there is a phone involved in this tech bag yeah I don’t use my main phone.

For recording looks and that on that I have a camera for recording vlogs but that’s part of the tech bag so yeah there’s a bunch of Technology well obviously technology technology back travel technology bag yeah anyway guys it so what you do is plug in stuff now yeah so you’ve got an extra thing.
Now we’re gonna move on to this part.

Is some stuff in here which I like one of the things is two of them don’t work properly yeah so that is it it looks like a bunch of cables right yeah you know what it’s actually something really cool.

This is no sleeper I’ve got an iPod Touch but the old ones I’m not one of those video ones is kind of one of the newer ones but it’s not new it’s couple years old I think that’s a.

Scratch mark on it yeah this this I’ve been locked out of the account of my account or such to count yeah I got it when I was young see ya but I got locked out yeah so I can’t really use it I’m gonna try and get.

It fixed yeah then I’ve got my camera which isn’t actually my camera it’s like the whole family’s camera yeah but it’s got like a wristing so I hold on to my wrist or.


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