So here it is this is a mini tech back it’s by Easter I believe that’s how you pronounce it so I’m going to take a look at this thing and see if it’s possible to fit in iPad an android pad backup mobile phone and a whole host of other things that you would take on a tech roadtrip say.

If you’re filming say if you just ain’t an abode for the day if you’re on an airplane anything like that so I personally like something.
Small now if I was going to take my laptop.

I would take something a little bit bigger so well it’s something that looked a little bit inconspicuous you don’t want to be advertising to people come get me I’ve got a lot of gadgets in here I’ll fallen asleep on the train on the plane wherever so with that in mind check this same so guys as you can see it’s like a canvas material it’s very tough it feels very rugged and.

Everything is double stitched you’ve got a nice little there leather strap on the top here you’ve got a front pocket or front zipper sorry and it looks quite substantial enough to fit you could easily get into your power banks anything like that the material on the inside is nice as well it’s quite hard it’s like a hard nylon we like that very much now the zips if you have a close look at.

These are nice big chunky zips satisfying and it does open up enough to fit in quite a few gadgets so let’s take a look at it so on the.

Back here we’ve got another wider zip pocket again you’ve got.

Year nylon material which is nice I’m pretty sure this is not waterproof so once we take a look at mix so if you open up the bag on the inside you’ve got a pull-out pocket which is again lined with some mesh I quite like this brown.
Color it’s very nice again same kind of zipper but a little.

Bit smaller it’s quite strong I do like.

That and then again on the inside you have a small zip compartment here so this one acted quite easily fit about half my handing yeah so far.

So good now there isn’t anything else specific inside here there’s no secret compartments or anything on earth.

So you’ve got your one here that fold out one which is if you’ve got a one that’s pressed against the back which is zipped and then now this is the bit that I like so once you open this up you’re greeted by nothing so this just hides maybe just like an extra storage because you get.
So once you’ve open that up once you open it up then you’re greeted with.

This which is one of the reasons why I want.

To be so for your smaller gadgets we’ll start filling it up in a moment so I’ve got like a poor poor mic recorder you can also use it for put like a SD card boxes so you.

Can also put in a smaller power banks you can put your memory sticks all kinds of things along the back you’ve got a another compartment which opens up into a.

Big bigger space so you can put in your 10 inch pad here you’ve probably put in a couple of hands here so you start packing and you guys can see how it goes so guys they start packing where do.

We begin so ideally you want to figure out where the safest place would be so you would put your more expensive parts directly into there I don’t want to.


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