Number one on list at nomadic we create the most functional bags ever over the past four years we have launched eight products through Kickstarter and today we are excited to introduce the newest member of the nomadic family meet the go anywhere and do anything 30 litre travel bag two years ago we launched the 40 liter travel bag here.

On Kickstarter designed for three to seven day trips today over 30 thousand people all over the world love their.

Travel bags because of this success we set out to design the perfect travel bag for those shorter one to three day trips we listened to your feedback analyzed the functionality scrutinized over every detail and in the process we realized we didn’t just create the best travel bag we also created the perfect bag for people who live life on the move every.

Single day let’s take a closer look at the all-new 30 litre travel bag and see what makes it so functional this bag is made of strong waterproof tarpaulin material that.

Will last forever with our custom hardware seamlessly switch between backpack and duffel bag and never have dangling straps again we’ve updated our shoe pocket to include a ventilated door with a water-resistant flap allowing you to choose whether you want to keep water out or allow for ventilation this pocket has also been expanded to hold.

Two pairs of us size twelve shoes on the top of the bag you will find a pocket for socks underwear or a light jacket we.

Designed the bag with a full perimeter zipper to give the widest opening possible for optimal packing and easy access to the interior of.

The bag when the shoe and clothing compartments are full there are still plenty of room for all your clothes and toiletries with a laptop and.

Tablet pocket now you choose if you want to leave your laptop bag behind to fit everything in one bag the right side of the bag also has a full perimeter zipper with multiple.

First an RFID safe pocket designed to be durable inline with RFID blocking material to protect your credit cards passports and.

Other scannable information second there is a combination of mesh and zipper pockets to keep your cords powerbanks earphones and other miscellaneous items untangled and right where you want them back to the top of.

The bag our easy access pocket is lined with soft fleece to protect your everyday valuables and has a cord pass-through to the organization pocket we’ve also added a water-resistant pocket for damp clothing water bottles or other liquids to.

Keep your other items safe while on the move the bottom of the bag provides a pocket perfect for a notebook or other small items you want to keep organized while traveling.

Use the side handle to easily slide your bag onto your roller luggage each bag comes with our removable waist straps to help distribute the weight of the bag with all these features this is the perfect travel bag for life on the move we have put so much time and energy into this bag and are so confident in.

The quality that if you are not 100% satisfied we will give you a refund no questions asked if you want your reward by Christmas number two hi I’m Ian for the.

Past five years we’ve saved over 41 million plastic bottles from landfills in the ocean and turned it into recycled fabric for some of the biggest brands on the planet now we’ve made something that you’re gonna love but first I want to tell.

You about my friend mark Noel this is Mark Noel after the earthquake in 2010 I came to port-au-prince I met mark.

Noel and he wanted a job but there weren’t any so my friends and I hooked up mugdha well with a new driver’s license a fresh new tap tap and.

A new outlook on running and he was a that’s what I realized that mark Noel wasn’t alone there.

Were lots of people Haiti just like you and me we’re just trying to make it through their week don’t have any work seeing the incredible amount of plastic trash on the ground gave me an idea if Haiti could turn trash into money equals good I came home googled it and boom fred was born we got to work almost 1,500 people got jobs and we started helping brands get better but something wasn’t right while a few giant companies.

Making a couple of products out of recycled materials is progress my friends and I weren’t seeing enough for the products that.

We use every day that looked awesome were made of the stuff that didn’t kill mother nature and made our lives easier especially when it came to the product we use most often our backpacks.

Decided to engineer one ourselves round up first we asked two hundred of our closest friends family and fellow subway riders what’s wrong with your everyday bag my shoulder started to hurt after 10 minutes of wearing it I need to.

Carry extra totes I feel like a turtle even when it’s empty this tag is to hit straps where I show up for a date and he brings a book bag that he got in college.

He is not getting laid most bags that manage to fix those problems end up costing as much as your first car and they still can’t hold your lunch chair gym quiz so we spent the next three hundred and fifty seven thousand minutes eating sleeping and breathing backpacks and bought used cut-up and tore apart hundreds of bags made dozens of prototypes and otherwise nerd it out to get every feature and detail perfect and I think we stuck the landing so here it is a better backpack it’s the first backpack that.

You can wear with anything take anywhere all while looking like your capably adulting made with 100% recycled canvas that was once plastic waste we get it your day is.
Packed so a better backpack had to be rethought for all day.

Every day not just with a date or.

A workout in mind but for the million moments in between it fits all your stuff no matter which size fits your style all without ever being a pain why can’t your backpack make you look good every day even.

When you have a big meeting whether you commute is short or little more adventures.

A better backpack protects your electronics and has the perfect place for your water bottle or wet umbrella or a bottle of wine plus it does its part for the planet each bag is made from about 25 plastic bottles and we’re selling it directly.

To you with the signature fabric we developed through our traceable and.

Transparent supply chain this bag would easily be 250 dollars from any other company but ours comes to.


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