What’s up everybody it’s baby blokland aka beta BAE and I’m back with another beta bang tech review today we’re going to be getting into the travel game and I’m covering the lantern secure lineup of suitcases now got to kind of get my two cents here you guys know I’m an early stage investor and a lot of companies and.

Lanterns one of them so take that for what it is but I’m also an insane traveler I’ve been using this technology from the very early days and I.

How excited I am to tell you that these are now in full production and ready to go you can buy them today but first why should you buy let’s go through the two big points you need to know when you’re buying a suitcase of any size that each sort any brand it just needs to be a fantastic suitcase and amazing back that’s what the team is focused on first and foremost is making sure that you have an amazing.

Lightweight durable bag with awesome carry you know wheels here to help carry you.

Across all the different types of terrain and you need to be able to get that high high quality at a really.

Great price so let’s go through that first and I’m going to show you guys come with tests and show you.

Really with the tech salt now first and foremost this material this is the highest fidelity polycarbonate material that you would get from all the big brands to me Samsonite Rameau all of them charged to three four times as much money to give you the same durability you don’t have to pay that price you can get it at an amazing price in this bag it’s going to.

Be unbelievably durable when you know it happens all the people that take these bags and they suck off the line they throw them in everywhere and you drop it so it kicks it over you need a bag that’s gonna be super lightweight and durable and also uniquely focusing on the wheels I know wheels aren’t that sexy but you are an avid traveler like me you would know that wheels make all the difference.

So these have four huge sets and these wheels are twice as large of any kind of wheels that you’re going to find the market these wheels go over all the kind of big thick carpet they craps the cobblestones in Europe all over the world I’ve traveled with these they.

Can tell you they’re better than any repair kind of casters what we also have ever used before it seems like something very small I can tell you.

It’s a really really big deal will actually do a roll test outside after you guys can look at either size you know me I don’t check bags so I usually love the.

Carry-on but we also have the check-in section our most popular item right now so let’s.

Go ahead and dive into this bag and more of the technology go ahead and put this away so this bag has a standard.

Looking lock you may not know this is where the core IP is in the lantern is secure this lock actually logs every single thing that happens to this bag whether you’re right next to it whether you’ve given it into the check-in whether it’s in your hotel room and you’re out for the.

Day this lock is telling you everything that’s happening to the bag at all times so what does that mean I’m gonna show you really quickly it looks like any other lock but what happens when you’re trying to tamper with this that’s tamper proof technology that’s going to make sure that you know who touched your bag and where and when and then also let.

Know that they’re being watched so I’ll show you really quickly right now the bag is.

Unlocked I’m going to go ahead and just put the zips in here or the latches in here and you’ll see that the light right here the little lantern eye and obvious what we call it but I like its little eyes watching shows you that green things are all good so let’s go ahead and try to tamper with the combination here my tamper with it here and I’m trying to.
Get in it flashes red that lets the person know that they.

Need to get the hell away from your bag and that this value is watching what about that.

Trusted TSA key you think that everyone in the world kind of trust this system it’s okay but we bought this off town now so you.

Could probably get these anywhere in someone else can too if they really want to get your stuff I’ll go ahead and just boom pop it open again it’s going to show that it’s red saying what the hell is going on my bag is being logged in that which I’ll show you in a.

Really important to know that there’s so much tries to get in the bag and some other capacity maybe they’re messing around they’re playing around the value different way it’s got a log every single aspect and lets you know but how does that happen let’s take a look yeah you’re going to see right.

Here that there’s notifications for being logged at all times I want to go through those really.

Quickly so we have four new unread messages we have a tampering that was failed it wasn’t open there was a recent break-in attempt we have the bag was locked and things were really good we have TSA.

And notice the TSA key tried to get in and what’s really nice about any one of these let’s see that there.
Was something wrong or someone failed it we can actually go ahead and hit a.

Say okay we’re going to send a report right here from the app it’s really important that you know and have a record of what’s going on with.

Your luggage because if you ever want to tell everyone.

The airport local authorities or insurance company you need a record and who wants.

To do that you can’t prove it probably even if you try this bag.

Is just going to do it for you it’s going to be an awesome bag it’s going to let you just check in without any hassle because this technology is designed with the biggest partners in mind they worked with I aren’t I worked with TSA and.

Some of the biggest airlines in the world already signed off and saying that they.

Are approving this lock the lantern secure you have British Airways Cathay Emirates United Delta and so much more so you don’t have to worry about oh no I have batteries in my bag or my.

Bag is smart like a lot of other people you can just say I’ve got me solid that it’s lightweight its durable it’s gonna roll over just about anything it’s gonna tell me what’s happening at all times it’s an amazing price and it’s a bag that’s going.


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