Pip-pip Tallyho and a merry Christmas to everybody today is actually Christmas Day and sorry I haven’t done a proper full on Jules guide for a while that Harry Potter video kind of took it out of me and a little bit busy with doing my guided tours of London and stuff so if you want a guided tour do you.

Get in to cut tough John Mayer on my website Merry Christmas so I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has subscribed to my channel and who.

Mean a lot to me I will try and make a lot more in 2018 but I might often try and make a documentary – so who knows – dream so today since it’s Christmas Day and my family totally bonkers I’m gonna take a bike ride through London to see what it’s actually like on Christmas Day Isis is just gonna be a bit of a vlog I’m afraid but come on it’s Christmas sorry it’s supposed to be James dirt anyway this is the street.
Incidentally we’re Paddington lives in the film Paddington won and.

Parrington to house over there is Alan Bennett’s house Charlie nice we’re in Primrose Hill so in London there’s no public transport.

On Christmas Day so if you can get hold of one of these London Cycle Hire Santander bikes or Boris bikes if you like to call them then that’ll.

Be quiet for me actually usually they’re all taken but cause it’s such a miserable grim day there’s some available excellent and we’re away forgot this ridiculous umbrella which is poking out and making it quite difficult to negotiate narrow gaps I’ve got a camera.

To Harry Mary here we go to the soundtrack of my sister’s charity Christmas single Merry Christmas here I come after our ride through regents park which we shouldn’t really have done because seamless poster ride bites through there we come out of Baker streets and is that 221b I see opposite me well it’s the museum anyway.

It’s London’s busiest shopping street and it’s this is about as quite as it’s gonna get because it’s Christmas Day and everything’s closed and yet it’s still quite busy oh that’s what everyone’s doing daddy they’re widely available Merry Christmas you what are you doing you make me remind loving goddess the revenger all the Avengers like my dad was in that show yeah yeah he was in it he only had a very little part but Merry Christmas everybody Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Queenie Merry Christmas.

You still rarely Christmas captain poke Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Queens go Merry Christmas permanent home my son very good.

First Chris Amon che is open nothing says Christmas quite like a pret Christmas sandwich Merry Christmas squirrels I’m exhausted up through all that I’d better get back and cook my Christmas pudding before it’s too late but thanks for watching and thanks.

Again everyone for watching all my other films take a look at some of the documentaries if you haven’t seen them it’s their really often brought the good and they’ve won some awards and stuff and very happy Christmas and a Happy.

New Year see more videos in 2018 cheers everybody merry yeah.



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