Quite recently you may have seen my royal wedding video that was just the last in a series which Fox 5 Las Vegas asked me to make for them so here are the others hello Jules guides here in which I wander around London and tell you fascinating facts about our wonderful city except this week I’ve been contacted by some.

Bloke who said he was from Fox 5 News in Las Vegas and I suppose I just gullibly believe him and and he told me that the excitement about the Royal Wedding over in America has reached fever pitch so he’s asked me to report on the impact.

That is making back in old Blighty initial reports now occurred to me that our royal family seemed rather obsessed with Americans and actresses even back in 1900.

The Prince of Wales who later went on to become King Edward VIII 7 he youth meets Lily.

Half American socialite and actress here rules restaurant London’s oldest restaurants in fact and I think they’d actually arrived by a secret panel in the wall which is still where I don’t think they’ll let me go inside.

And film it then in the 30s there was King Edward the eighth you’ve actually abdicated because of that Wallis Simpson I think she was American but back in the 1600s here at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane was where a Nell Gwyn used.

To work as an actress and she was the lover of king charles ii and he used to have secret meetings with her in the pub over there there was.

Underneath the road from the theater up into the pub which they now called the nail of old Drury I don’t think was called it in those days though.

What they got up to is anyone’s day wedding I’m thoroughly looking forward to the royal.

Wedding I don’t think I could ever be more.

Happier would you fancy for the food we’re going typical barbecue food is it’s the.

Summer no sausages on stick I am well what would you buy them.

If you were I mean presumably you have been invited well.

Of course I have been invited unfortunately I can’t go I have a pressing engagement somewhere else unfortunately I think possibly they always could need an extra ashtray the pressing engagement I think he’s having his trousers pressed that day well that’s about all from me for now I suppose I better actually find something to report back on if you want to in the meantime look.

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Which is Jules guides go to my website Jules guys dot-com do you ran like a donut we’re giving you wrong but in coverage you can’t get anywhere.

Else because we’ve got a true global exclusive Julien Macdonald.

Or Jules is an award-winning British filmmaker yeah and all week long he’s taken us to the streets of London to tell you the experience you know that the wedding is bringing to a whole bunch of folks and today Jules goes in search of Royal Wedding souvenirs and gets plenty of royal wedding advice to go along with it hip-hip Tallyho jeweled sky chair and the royal wedding is nearly upon us so I’ve come down to Oxford Street London’s busiest street to.

See what sort of souvenirs are on offer actually just at the end of Oxford Street is the site of the famous Tyburn gallows where for hundreds of years if you were sentenced to death you’d be hanged and they do say that marriage isn’t a word it’s a sentiment so what better place to try and gauge some public opinion a you to marry oh how.

Exciting what congratulations you guys Thunder slightly stolen do you have any advice for the royal couple I mean what’s going really well now oh yeah oh there we go let’s have a look of the beauty oh it’s a beauty it’s a beauty – how much for one of them happily marry oh and how does he keep you so happy what would you say what.

Would you say to Harry to keep this wife are happy maybe the dishes it’s emotional spectrum what we got here I thought its London stuff over there maybe there’s some stuff over there ah magnificent now that these two ladies are looking at some what have you got there are you Megan oh maybe you’re.

Naked – any advice – two hairy feet re run while you can do this I mean I see some nice flights there as well I mean the mug is nice Harry and Megan visit is it Harry and Magan.

Do you think one of them’s a mug don’t they lovely come on I think you’re being so mean how much it is I am $16 in Australia it’s the opposite Tyburn gallows but near Marble Arch is the speaker’s corner where for hundreds of years people have been coming to stand on top.

Of their soapbox and vent this spleen or talk about all and sundry do.

You have any advice for the royal couple no all right blessed are the cheesemakers oh hello sir I shall probably go to my local and have a drink ah not a street party generously now I’m not that not excited do they have.

Any do you have any advice are you married at all divorce so I got all the advice you need you sound perfect just tell you what not to do don’t drink too much give up drugs bullied under women especially a bit loose variety again loose fish in general really given the wide berth okay but they’re not loose women then maybe it’s alright only if they’re.

In good standing obviously will may have it a mixed response to the Royal Wedding um it was quite hard to find anybody who had any advice to the royal couple my advice to Megan would be forget about that Prince Harry and come and marry me I’m a firm bucket gay bachelor a Roger Dodger a Gorger and a.

Puker tune in next time for more fascinating insight into the royal wedding this side of the pond doodle alright thanks Jules so hey if you enjoy his reports we’re gonna post them on our Facebook page or.

You can just check him out at Jules guide.com yeah it will be bad tomorrow he’s taking us to a typical British pub for the Hockney singalong night more England more royal buddy Nala here.

On more this week this morning our exclusive royal roving reporter hits the pub and how the English roll Jews take it away clip clip Tallyho Jules guides here cor blimey Mary Poppins apples and pears whoops mrs. Miggins you’ll signal my artichokes and we love a good cockney sing along here and every Thursday evening at. Martins Lane is Tom Carradine’s cockney sing-along so.

What better place to gauge local interest in the Royal Wedding she.

Gave many requests for some of them royal princely songs and a moment our shortest of all decide actually over the over the rule weekend I’ve got big Friday Saturday Sunday right we’re all needless maybe a little wedding medley and get me to the church.

Chapel and we’re going to get married all that it’s the royal wedding coming up and how excited are you about this will.

You be celebrating somehow what music do you think they should have going down the aisle then what would you think down I think should be great for the economy it’s great for the country but personally you know you couldn’t give a.

Monkey so we are very happy for them and I expect.

To be laugh-in with my wife every year now how was your wedding it’s really good it’s in December nice winter wedding yeah nice big country house sounded in Essex great English traditions and strict quality and closing off and having a long row of tables and we always was not coming out to the Raney’s grand occasion yeah I think.

Absolutely are you excited very excited even know the date yeah you really don’t you don’t look at I have to say I agree with you I agree with you well I mean he couldn’t have done better unless Michelle Rodriguez was was available but some of they have it not exactly the rectoress excitement I was anticipating but proof nevertheless that if you give us an excuse for a tipple down.

The robber dub-dub then London is up for celebrating anything even the happiness for the rest of their lives of a beautiful young couple anyway tune in.

Next time for more fascinating insights into the raw wedding this side of the pond thank you so much Jules now if you want to be guided.

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Here and the day is nearly upon us when Prince Harry and Megan marvel will be joined together in holy matrimony but I hear you.

Cry where are they going to live well behind.

Me is Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria first discovered that she was going to be.

Queen aged just 18 and you can go inside and have a.

Look around at the Princess Diana collection and it’s very beautiful actually I rather enjoyed it and round the back there is force they described as a small cottage where Prince Harry.

Be living I think it’s not that small but like any other married couple Megan’s family’s going to have to meet the.

In-laws in this case Prince Charles and between excellence hello hello everybody see all right okay and what about what about a long-lasting.

Marriage I mean yeah any advice to Harry Wow has should he treat his woman yes dirty how you must behave yourself keep your hands off the girls because I’ve met you partying.

Hard and I take my health to you you’re coming down to the wedding then we are where I am room to get to.

The front and we absolutely come early we get there early yeah just be careful be careful yeah what does that mean exactly no well you have to be careful about what kind of family truth that I think Megan is choosing.

The best one yeah I’m sure about it sounds like he might have had a bad experience did you think when you met my parents very nice yes I was very polite watch my P’s and Q’s a good sense of humor without crushing I’m sure it is very good sense of money yeah yeah well my advice would be its.

Ma’am I cam not mom like palm and definitely make sure that your skirt isn’t tucked into your knickers when you meet the Queen happen to me once okay married is usually the biggest investment in one’s life until you get divorced that then becomes the biggest.

Investment in your life so choose wisely make.

Sure you have a good lawyer that does the prenup and I wish you long lasting peaceful yeah they love each other that’s more positive angle from over here I love you Thank You Prince so should we give her advice I think she’s all.

Right I reckon that’s me I personally think Harry’s really lucky she’s such a hot chick you.

Know if she’s free again let me know well there you go if all doesn’t work out this fellas always available and if you like my films don’t forget to take a look at my youtube channel Jules guides and all it remains for me to do is to wish them all the best will show you what it was like to be there.

With reports and Jules say the best for last he sold it on it even never getting injured so pick up Jules take it away thanks for watching folks and them don’t forget to hit the subscribe button because it doesn’t cost anything and you might.

Be sent loads of emails on anything it just helps me to look good it’s basically it thanks so much see you next time.


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