Welcome back travel fans I’m Morgan from the very unofficial travel guides and I’m here in my cabin on the freedom of the seas and outside of my balcony is Labadee if you didn’t know it already Labadee is one of two private islands or beach areas run by Royal Caribbean the other one is Koko K and this Koko K.

A real Island and lava tea people call it an island but it’s attached to Haiti and Royal Caribbean does not own Haiti so I’m calling it like a private bay area there are two attractions.

For adrenalin junkies here on Labadee one of them is the Dragons Te’o mountain coaster and the other one is the dragon’s breath zipline experience I did both of them today but in this video I’m going to tell you about the zipline if.

I had a couple words to sum it up in advance to describing the whole thing I would have to say first of all Wow amazing thrilling and as I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear it in the POV video I did but it’s.
Like Sauron at Epcot in real.

Life here you’re flying over trees and flying over the ocean and waves are coming up towards your feet and it’s all real and yeah so but for the price here’s a negative side of it for the price of what it costs to go to Epcot for a day and experience the whole of Epcot for a day you can do the dragon’s breath once we book them before we got on board so I booked it like a couple weeks ago and I think it cost around $95 which it’s expensive.

It’s too expensive it’s really it’s ridiculously expensive.

That’s how much it costs to go to a Disney park for an entire day and.

This whole experience takes like an hour and it’s two zip lines so if you’re on a tight budget I would say don’t do it and like don’t take out a loan to do it but if the money is there if you’ve got it in your budget or maybe you can get somebody to give it to you as a present I don’t know then I would say it’s worth it.

Once you get your tickets you have to go to the little reception area they all tell you when to come back what time your flight begins I guess and you get a bracelet and then there’s lockers there that you can rent for the whole day they cost $8 and you get a bracelet for that as well and.

It opens and closes the locker we both had bigger backpacks with us and they didn’t let us take it on the zipline but I think if you have a smaller bag it seems like other people have like fanny packs and stuff like that and they took it but I was kind of.

Happy that we put our bag in the locker because it just was one less thing to worry about and made it easier to enjoy this amazing experience you get harnessed up down by the beach and everybody.

In your time group together then you get a short like safety briefing down there by the beach and then everybody walks back and up the hill to the smaller of the zip lines and I have to.

Say it’s smaller than the big one but it’s not necessarily small we did quit lining in where were we st. Martin and that zip line was the smaller zip line here is as big as some of the.

Bigger zip lines were on that entire course but that was like an entire course after you do that then you get into buses that take you up the side.


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