Hip-hip Tallyho Jules guides here and this week I’ll be eating lots of meat drinking lots of beer and seeing lots of amazing history yes I’m in Belgrade when I told my friends I was coming sir beer on holiday they said why in movies the Serbians are always portrayed as being the bad guys so I’m going to try and.

Dispel that myth but first I’m gonna go and meet my friend yell it so who’s gonna show me round now I’m staying indoors on what I really like about this area is all the crumbly balconies.

And sort of bohemian cafes and everything it is quite touristy I suppose it’s where most of the tourists stay I think when they come here anyway I highly recommended they are so wrong really you will see that people in Serbia are not drug dealers and arm dealers.

Or terrorists or something like that they’re just normal people really you’ll see that and really funny first we’re gonna drink cafe and then we’re going to kalemegdan sounds good to me hello guys.

I’m here on kalemegdan this is the largest park this is a fortress most of it from 15th century and you can see a lot of things tattoos you can see galleries but the best thing about kalemegdan is the view you can see if Danube and Sava rivers right there.

Confluence of those two rivers this is yeah you can take a lot of photos for your Instagram and Facebook account make a note of this yell at sir 35 inch cannons directed straight at the tennis court good idea for Andy Murray to stop Novak Djokovic like they’re thinking this guy is called.

The victim supposed to be on terra ceia square a great fountain and this guy.

On top of the fountain but ladies in those days didn’t want to look at his front parts you know that’s why he’s turned around so his parts look at the rivers.

If you’re in front of the victor you can have great selfies I mean around the other side there’s this really beautiful church where they used to store gunpowder used to be a military church and they’ve got these chandeliers made to help bullets.

And swords and stuff oh the bloke outside with the excellent moustache is Abdul Shan the mighty who in 14th century made Serbia the greatest power in the Balkans.

It make a good actor actually I’m here to fix the fridge it’s so hard it isn’t actually a well while Austrians ruled the Belgrade they used this well for torturing spies and they were thrown down the well and they just thrown a couple swords to kill each other you know when they got hungry to.

Kill and let’s sadistically look at them through these windows wouldn’t later sort of mock them I heard there are many legends about the well – one of them says Orpheus climb down.

The underworld to Hades I wonder if it’s a wishing well what shall I wish I wish a million dollars kanae’s me Kyle Overstreet looks like the equivalent of Oxford Street in London yeah it is main pedestrian street here it has interesting buildings every.

Building represents some period in in Belgrade during the Ottoman Empire there were five mosques but when Austrians and Hungarian came here in Belgrade they just made new buildings these cafes are really nice.

Expensive but yeah a bit pricey so if.

You want a nice cafe you should just go down to the door ciao there may be nicer and if you.


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