Hey guys welcome back to another episode of bow hunter died finally getting near the end of the summer to where the big bucks are finally starting and grow out and look good and I guess that brings up the question for our YouTube fans Justin and you know we were talking about this kind of before we started this episode.

We were both struggling a little bit with naming our deer right now I mean I actually did an interview.

And I’m a little kind of bore I’m actually cranking myself that I didn’t have it to you guys in time but I named the mine deer like.

The most stupidest names I live in so the question for you guys is and two summers here buxar groan hit.

Lists are beginning to form are you still naming your deer and if so are you willing to share the names of your deer with us down below guys make sure.

You leave your comments as always like the video subscribe to the channel and thanks for watching hey guys welcome.

Back to another episode of bone or die you know Justin before we dive into this episode we.

Done filming the YouTube little intro there and I guess I wanted to kind of carry this theme on because both of us have been struggling a little bit with coming up with future names of the deer that we’re chasing I was doing an interview the other day I mean literally it was so awful.

Trying to name these deer on.

More creative when I was driving to the property that you know and and I was like I mean come on sneaky I mean.

Is like serious the words pretty bad they’re pretty pretty I’m gonna go back for me Justin I’m gonna go back to doing what I did at Longhorn we posted a few years ago a couple bucks that I was chasing we allowed other people in the name um I actually really enjoyed that.

So we’re gonna go ahead and post some photos on Facebook of a couple of bucks that I’m chasing guys I need your help because I suck sneaky is not gonna work it’s just it’s just lame I got to redo that footage so looking on Facebook we’re gonna make a post of a couple bucks and I’m chasing maybe a couple deer that Justin’s chasing we.

Need help naming these deer is what it is I don’t have a lot of deer worth naming quite yet I know there’s a few.

Out there there’s been sightings and reported the seeing of them I just don’t have pictures yet so no names for me for any new bucks for this year but.

Guys to start this episode off first we’re gonna check in.

With Tyler Barron down in Texas he’s gonna kind of wrap up or finish the segment that he started making a European mount of his book that he shot last year so let’s check in with Tyler now hey guys I am back in my garage and.

I’m working on my EUR amount that I started a couple of weeks ago with the power washing and whitening process what I’m actually working on today is is the pedestal mount that I’m gonna make for this particular euro and I.

Hope it turns out pretty good this is the first time I’ve ever tried to do something like this with the Euro normally I opted for sort of the traditional hanging it up on the wall type of scenario but on this one I’ve got a spot up on top of a bookshelf in my office that I think would look really sharp with a cool kind of pedestal mount and a euro up on top of it so that’s what I’m working on and hopefully it’ll give you a couple of ideas if you’ve.

Got one in a similar situation that you you’re looking for creative ways to kind of show off your your mount and I just want to reiterate that I am NOT a taxidermist so if you’re watching this and you are a taxidermist you probably have a lot better ways.

Of doing this but for a you know you guys that are out there trying to do it yourself or saving a little bit of money like I’m doing maybe this will give you a couple of ideas or some inspiration to do one with.

Of your own so we’ll see how it goes I’ll let you guys follow along as I build this thing and hopefully it turns up pretty good alright guys first I built a small base for my mount using a.

1 by 10 with a 1 by 4 face and 1 by 2 sides next I drilled a couple of holes into the base which I’ll use to put dowel rods that will support a piece of fence post that has been weathered on my lease for the last few years next up I measured.

The distance between those holes and drilled matching holes into the piece of fence post and I can now use the two dowel rods to suspend the.

Fence post above the baseboard next I use a small block which I put underneath the skull which will allow the skull to sit at the proper angle it doesn’t matter if it’s too visible as I’ll cover that up later now that the skull is positioned I can disassemble the whole mount and sand it down once it’s sanded it’s time to paint it or if you want to stain it you can do that too once the paint dries simply reassemble your fence post.
And the dowels and it’s time to begin naturalizing your scene for.

Me I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some artificial plants use a hot glue gun to secure the plants in place it works best if you use your girlfriend’s hot pink glue gun for my mount I picked up vegetation and leaves that seemed like they were from fall and somewhat matched the terrain at my lease once the vegetation is glued in place just use some twine.

Or some wire to secure your euro and place on top of the post then simply place your mount wherever you’d like it to be displayed and show it off.

To your friends alright guys I hope you enjoyed that video and and maybe you learned something or at least got some inspiration that you can use on your own your own mounts and you know for me.

At this point now I’m just looking forward to the 2018 season checking trail cameras getting an inventory on my Bucks and trying to figure out how I’m going to get after him this fall and it should be a pretty good year we’re we’re having a very hot summer here in.

Texas it’s been over a hundred and four I think for like the last two weeks and we haven’t had any rain so unfortunately that’s not the best for antler.

Development but I’ve still got some pretty good deer that I’m gonna be chasing around this fall I hope so I’ll be filming a hit list for you guys pretty soon so stay tuned for that and in the meantime.

Though under dying you know Justin these are the kind of little tips that we bring here with bow hunter die that I think.


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