Hey YouTube it’s John flans Berg in New York City just a couple of days out from are flying out to the UK to start off our European tour we want to tell everybody that we’re coming your way it will be our only European shows in probably the next couple of years we are playing in London Manchester Berlin Antwerp.

And Amsterdam the Leeds show sold out Colm Hamburg and Dublin are sold out there are less than 100 tickets in Cambridge less than 150 tickets in Bristol less than 100 in Munich less.

Than 150 in Edinburgh so go out to those shows if you go to our website under shows there are direct links to all tickets to.

All those places then we’re gonna be on tour in the United States in tour doing eight shows in Canada the show and Winnipeg has already been move to a bigger theatre again that is a unicorn of a tour for us we never tour Canada and so please tell your Canadian friends or if you are in fact from.

Canada itself please make it out of your house even in this what might be a snowy environment later on we are going to be performing in Australia when exactly.

Will be announced soon but thank you for your interest in that online and I’m gonna jump off now and get back to work on other things but as always thank you for your interest oh by the way there’s a free song a free download of the Communist have the music awaiting for you if you just go to the video for the communist type.

Music there is a direct link right there it’s the song brand new song this week on Dyle.

Song so I’ll talk to you all soon.



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