Hello and welcome to this episode of the sharpen court well we were gonna have Mark Taylor on but that didn’t go well he didn’t like my question okay we got Mark Taylor on the show today and welcome to the sharpen report this is gonna be probably one of the most pirated episodes of the Sharpie import’ we’ve ever done.

So with that being said you know I know I’m supposed to be all gung-ho just give everyone the information but it really annoys me when people steal my videos so if you’re watching this and you’re looking.

Down there and it doesn’t say the sharpening report just come on over to my channel watch it anyway let’s get right down to it we are joined by the firefighter prophet it has been a crazy year with Donald Trump in office well crazy is.

A good word because some people might say it’s good some might say it’s bad I person I’m gonna go with crazy because it’s just been it’s been fun to.
It’s been interesting so I figured what the year coming to an end we might.

As well have the man that predicted at all mr.
mark Taylor how are you doing today well thank you Sam I’m doing good it’s not a Bri back man yeah I’m really glad to have you back and just just to get off the table listen guys we’re I know we’re super good actors back there but it was a joke so calm down so have you been the last couple months what’s been going on.

In your world ah man you know of course we all hide the holidays you know things kind of slow down a little bit around the holidays.

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews you know we have a.

Major project going on that I can’t really talk about I can’t go public with yet right now that’s going to be taking up a lot of our time here between now and probably the end of the year or so so me and Mary Colvard.

I know Mary Cobras trying to start her.

Prayer team back up again try to get things amped up for that because we know there’s some issues that are going on a country right now which I’m sure we’ll get into later on in this episode but.

You know just doing interviews you know you know I’ve got some people want me to do conferences and stuff like that I’m not real big on the whole conference idea so you know I’m just taking one thing at a time as it comes along yeah definitely well yeah let’s dive into some of the current events I think one of the.

Biggest there’s two really big topics that you’ve talked about previously and they hadn’t actually happened yet well.

I guess one of them hadn’t happened yet as much and that’s the big Hollywood blow up in the sex scandals and up and the pedophilia coming to light what are your thoughts on that you know I wrote that word time was up for those who corrupt in 2015 and it said that these people like the Clintons and Obama and all these guys were going to go down there would be judges senators congressmen all these guys were gonna go down now it didn’t get in specifics of.

What they were gonna be charged with because I mean I mean Sam look right now some of the allegations.

I mean you get everything from pedophilia child sacrifice you you’ve got treasonous acts uranium one I mean we the list goes on and on and on I mean it just you’re gonna see the length.


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