And good evening this is the tech travel geeks podcast its episode 12 and as usual I’m your host material from whoops and I’m metier chief mobile opinion issed from tech travel geeks so I’m afraid Lukesh couldn’t join us this evening he’s otherwise engaged so I will be doing a bit of multitasking I’ll host the podcast I’ll try and.

Handle a chat on my Microsoft Surface go which is sitting next to me and also have a good chat with.

Our guest please welcome to the tech travel geeks podcast the one of the hosts of the BYOD podcast natty show chat hello natty thanks for joining us hi Darren thank you for having me so I’ve been a guest on natty and Gregg’s podcasts recently we’ve already had Greg on the tech travel geeks podcast but I think it was time to have natty along especially considering the the news that was happening this.

Week in the fruity side of the world you can say that again definitely yeah so let’s start off by introducing naughty naughty tell tell us about yourself who is naughty sure Chet all right I’m not it’s a shortcut for Nathan.

Basically which is a more easy pronounceable name for people who live outside of Israel which is where I reside the so called startup nation and I’ll we can talk.

About why it’s so cold basically what I do I’m a product manager at a start-up not a start-up but a we can call it a startup company which is resides up in the north of Israel one of quite a few tech companies that.

North in Israel most of the tech in Israel and labor as a whole is in the center most people know Jerusalem until of even that those cities and this is.

What I do I’m a product manager also tech geek basically I love tech news from mostly I’m an Apple user but from a part of.

My job I use Android Windows Phones even yeah the few that are still there because we need to test the products on them so just to give our users a bit of context the tech the job title product manager is something that can be interpreted in many ways what’s your definition of a product manager all right so my definition of a product manager it’s you’ve hit the nail in the head it’s.

Quite broad but there are a lot of ways to look at it the way that I’m looking at it is I’m a technical product manager basically and I take and I’m not in solely responsible of the roadmap over the products and the features in our product basically I gather some feature requests and ideas from all kinds of verticals in our company and what I do I.

Try to make those requests as technical as possible in the form of PR DS and.

Then manage the development of those features or functionalities in the product working with developer teams and also synchronizing between the business side of the business and the development side.

Of the business which is those two sides usually don’t speak the same language so luckily for me I have in my past I was electronic engineering I had a degree I have a degree and then I studied an MBA.

In Information Systems so this is all of my reference and studies and my experience put me somewhere in the crossroad between the business side and and development.

Side so this is where I’m centered basically so your job title is product manager yeah and I’m sure we could have a great conversation about the overlaps in the Venn diagram between a product manager and a technical product owner right right but we’ll leave that for the this week in agile podcast or something like and I.

An idea a few weeks ago perhaps to do that guy they.

Were there is a podcast from a good friend of mine gear Ambo I think a lot of people know him from Twitter and he has a very good podcast with his good colleague John S&L and they’re talking and looking at news and tech from developer point of view and I had a thing thought why not do it.

But from a product manager point of view which could be quite interesting because products are everywhere and you can see every product manager when he sees like a new gadget or something must have some opinion of the choices that were made and what.

Is the pros and cons and how things probably good I don’t know done in that in that way until the product actually came to that to be so yeah yeah perhaps we can think of something like this week in agile product management yes I love the idea that’s something I often do myself is when a new product is released or.

When you get your hands on a new product you in a way reverse product manage how this product came to be and that’s a great way of exercising your mind to think like the people who had to make those difficult trade-off decisions definitely and I think a lot of once you start to view this.

World and actual products that are coming to this world you start to be a bit more objective because even though you really hate some feature or you really love some feature you really understand or you get more sympathetic about how actually they made this awful choice that was made.

And you just bang your head and scream at the I don’t know YouTube channel their.

Reviewer no how did they do that but.

Deep down and deep down inside you know yeah it’s it’s it’s not easy to make these choices it’s always.

Difficult making those choices and that’s why.

Product managers are the people who both take the praise and responsibility for what happens in the product space oh definitely so you mentioned that you you.

Have a background in electronic engineering and you did that ended in MBA would you like to share more about how you got into electronic engineering yeah well when I started in high school we had this course that was my class in high school was electronic oriented so we had.

It’s it was this type of high school where you actually got some sort of actual training practical training in some area of work we had like classes with.

Biology and software and I was in the class of electronic engineering and we had an option before going to the army here.

In Israel the army is compulsory we had an option to continue studying for two more years for an engineering degree not an actual it’s it’s an engineering degree but it’s not for four years of of be science engineering it’s some some same something in between and then in the army you can get more practice and then you go out after the army and into the you get a job because you have both the degree and some experience so this is what I.


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