Hey there how’s it going tonight everybody welcome to another broadcast of well yeah I’m introducing Edwin’s hottest rave how you doing today I’m doing great man doing great just came home I’ve been playing with my dogs and Remington talked about some fun stuff yeah there’s a lot of there’s always a lot of crazy going on you know I.

Them surprised by it but I’m really not you know never surprised like honestly I am curious about something so Mark Zaid has been very active if you go and you look at if you look at his social media you know he keeps posting and keeps posting do you.

Think that he’s doing that because he wants bait for the lawsuit like he wants people to respond so give me like a look see those guys look at how horrible they.

Are I was I was thinking about that some that he’s trying to build a narrative so that he can tonker Bell maybe want what comics KP is let’s pull up his page so you want to take a look yeah yeah sure see it’s been.

Hidden see by the way starting it out you know yeah.

So the caution zone was Ben Hennessey thanks for the $2 super chat there I’ll catch that before we forget about it they took a low for live well Tengu lows yeah I figured since.

Since last time was tugger notes that I had to be fair and show some love to the Telos in Lusaka asked am i muted here no you are not muted.

There I can see you so we got something about Mueller yeah yeah you know if you go up far enough you’ll he posts about there’s a few hours back he actually post something about comics gay being a.

Hate group and if you if you follow that post to its organ you know click on it you can see what he streamed it with then you’ll find this.

This huge thread where he’s he’s basically been talking I was asking him to since he likes to post old articles you know like the the old inverse article and on I’m.

Really wondering when they eventually lose the lawsuit is he going to have enough dignity to go out and admit wrongdoing and post that article about Mark Waid actually having to pay out where he you know is guilty of tortious interference is he gonna post that you know redact some of that they’re a hate group.

No of course not but I’d only be for that year okay let’s see eighty hours ago he went oh he reposted that.

That that Washington Post article I wonder if they ever wonder if they ever edited that Washington Post article to present that the Jeff Bezos also owns Amazon which now owns comixology well I didn’t really think about the the connection there.

I have heard that a lot of the the flagging people keep saying that weight is a no-no word you know the only problem I have with that idea is that I have a shit ton like a metric ton of Mark Waid videos and if that is the no-no word you know they haven’t demonetised a lot of them or anything like that now the live stream that was stricken on my channel between ourselves I think that we were probably talking about imagine we.

Mentioned Mark Waid within that so I don’t I don’t really know I don’t think it actually I think that’s more of a conspiracy.

Theory these days well maybe maybe tonight if we if we share Mark Waid co-funding maybe we can help raise some money for him.


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