How does a hotel room for $5 sound in this video we bring you ten of the best value holiday destinations to help you plan your trips this year including the best places to go and beaches to visit when you get there ho Chi Minh Vietnam now a well-established stop on the Southeast Asia trail it’s still possible to find.

Beds for just $5 a night in the country’s largest city with hearty bowls of delicious fur chicken or beef noodle soup for around $1 and a local beer for.

Just 50 cents you can experience some of Viet Nam’s rich culture and history without breaking the bank Bali Indonesia Bali is one of Indonesia’s most stunning islands packed with glittering temples walkable volcanoes and a Surfers Paradise around the sugary coastline you’ll also find private accommodation from around 8.
Genuine fake designer good for the.

Tightest traveler’s budget in the local market Gambia although Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa you’ll certainly find big savings here the standard fare on a taxi is about one dollar fifty and you can pay just $1 for the chance to get up.

Close with a crocodile at kochak ali’s sacred crocodile pool all the monkeys at bigelow forest park both within a short drive of the main tourist area of Cole Olli on the coast you could also take a break at Sanyang Beach where you’ll find the most affordable accommodation the flower lodge for example is just 11 kilometres from banjo Airport it has a pool and free bicycle hire from $20.

For a double room Bulgaria this popular holiday destination offers plenty of bargains sunny beach pretty much does what it says on the label it’s a seaside.

Resort made for relaxing and working on your tan without spending more than $30 a day and yes this includes drinks as it’s just $1 for a local beer the sunny Beach Resort is also famous for its lively summer DJ sets if you don’t decide to come here.

During the middle of summer you could try skiing instead along with hitting the beach you can ski here for most.

Of the year Bulgaria is a great budget ski destination and it’s Mountain Resort Bansko operates a generous ski season food peste hungary budapest sits in all its gothic and neoclassical glory on the danube river rightly considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its medieval castles leafy parks and warm peppery.

Goulash it’s easy to fall in love with the fact that you can easily get by on $35 a day is another.

Reason to spend some time in.

Hungary’s capital it’s recommended that anyone who visits tries the natural.

Hot springs don’t miss the turn of the century thermal baths for the grandest spire experience you’ll ever likely to have goa india popular with many backpackers.

And travelers on a budget it’s possible to explore this colorful state whilst taking advantage of huge value deals get to goer and hunt for.

Bargains in the flea market swim with turtles and try your hand at kite surfing you can do all of this for about $6 a day including food and a sunset cocktail on one of the many beautiful.

Beaches this region has to offer it’s almost impossible to find better value than that stay at ever shine guest house for cheap private rooms and a 10-minute drive to an Juna Beach Turkey.


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