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Confidently to get started go to rocket mortgage comm slash stuff Equal Housing lender licensed in all 50 state we are talking about emetophobia which is a specific phobia.

A fear of throwing up and will get way more into all of that and what it means but we’re talking about vomiting it’s basically tied for first as the subject of this episode so we’re gonna be talking about vomiting a lot and I found from researching this yep reading and I imagine hearing about vomiting for a good thirty minute forty minute stretch it can make one queasy so just fair warning I don’t think it’s actually going to make you queasy but it’s possible if it starts to happen just plow through it.

Just say Josh and Chuck would want me to plow through it and your queasiness will magically go away oh yeah alright so like you said it is a specific phobia and it is.

Actually listed in the DSM now I’m not sure how long has been in there but.

It is well emetophobia isn’t oh well about the specific phobia of vomiting now I guess I think specific phobias are I don’t I don’t know.

If it’s if it’s specifically listed Chuck so when this says it is a specific phobia a current.

According to the DSM what does that mean I think it means that it falls under the umbrella of a specific phobia okay you see I mean not really but that’s okay this means well you’re afraid you might vomit you’re afraid someone else might vomit around you you’re afraid what people will think of you if you do vomit yeah it’s just and it’s not this article where’d you get this stuff anyway was this.

Sort of cobbled it was cobbled together from some pretty good sources including Psychology Today the American Association of anxiety disorders the National Institutes of Health library the BBC vice and I want to give a.

Shout out to the listener who wrote in to share her a meta phobias story yeah I had never heard of it before and she had a very harrowing experience and overcame it just through sheer grit and willpower and came through the other side of this very serious phobia.

Yeah which you know we’ll get to how to do that later.

But these articles and make great pains to point out that it is I think all people think it’s gross and are very much repulsed and turned off by the sound or the smell or the look or anything that deals with somebody getting sick like this right but this is different than that this is a debilitating fear that can overtake your.

Would specifically be a meta phobia there’s actually it seems like a spectrum where you can also suffer from what’s called fear of vomiting which is much less overwhelming but still you’re preoccupied with the idea of vomiting with the Metta phobia your life does not resemble what your life would be if you if you.


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