What is the side mission here I do not know we’ll find out mm-hmm this is like everyone has one major side mission it sucks that you couldn’t do Kier use oh well yes damn it what about we use on hip oh I know that guy that’s it it’s saitta a regular at Elise hello site uh-huh Oh for this.

At least his owner himself hi akiyama imagine running into you here is there.

A problem yeah well it’s not so much a problem but akiyama I need you to be honest with me yeah am I really that on hip hard him well am I unhip uh well yeah you’re on hip oh I really am on hip how exactly it’s not something like a pinpoint but there’s just.

Something a little off that’s not helpful what am I supposed to do hold on hold on what brought this on well you know how our firm uses your club regularly to entertain clients yeah of course we appreciate your patronage I have a confession i fallen for me you one of the hostesses me you Wow I wanted to.

Get to know her better so I built up my courage and asked her out she shot me down I.

Don’t like unhip men she said.

I see well that’s what’s has you down well not to brag but I’m a successful businessman with a top name company I have a certain amount of confidence in myself being close to 40 I know a bit old but my looks aren’t bad the suit I’m wearing is the latest from a major brand true people of the know would recognize that you’re very well off if.

She turned me down because she doesn’t like my personality that wouldn’t be great either but I could come to terms with that.

But to be rejected for being unhip I just don’t understand it didn’t you say something else about it no I actually I was so stunned by her rejection that i stumbled.

Without probing any deeper pathetic I know I see akiyama please can you ask you exactly how I’m on here well that’s beyond my purview if you have a complaint about our service quality I’m all ears but if it’s.

A private matter please please I’m so ashamed by this if I don’t fix it I won’t be able to get into your club again damn what to do he’s a good customer who drops big money regularly turning him down.

We’ll be back business all right I’ll have a chat with me you you will.

Thank you kudos to your negotiating skills how could I ever refuse if a regular clients nothing not to return I’ll Josh over to the club could you wait here all right we gotta go to Alisa jizz right over here I remember from from the original game.

Last with the original game from your kooza for last year yep all right here we go me who do you have a moment oh hi boss for the owner.

Always what do you need sinus it stopped by earlier right yes and all right no beating around the bush what did.
Side up are you kidding he’s so unhip he’s lovely to deal with as a.

Customer but to be seen in public together he’s on him you say that but is it really true saito where’s the latest outfits from designer brands.

He’s far better dressed than most.

Guys period not you too boss you don’t get it either that’s what makes in one hand what do you mean that means fashion sense is how do I put this he’s like a dressed-up mannequin.


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