Good morning welcome to day nine of daily walking 10 that’s a 9 it’s 10 nothing much going on today so we’re just gonna do a quick weekly update see what’s going on what’s been going on like again it seems like that’s every kind of thing but there is stuff that needs to happen taking care of a rental property.
Before we leave doing the event all done and make sure the kids.

Are actually off right now spending some time at friend’s house so.

They’re trying to squeeze in some time with their friends recorded out the area and.

Then they’ll just be chatting back and forward on their emails and instagrams and stuff yes it’s already like halfway through the day I think the biggest one is where we want to start reaching out to some brands see if they want to sponsor us whether it’s maybe a discount a places we’re staying at or just opportunities we could come and visit but something that we’re gonna start really attacking this next week two.

More weeks to the auction guys come and get it.

All that’s one that’s one struggle right now I’m still having as you try to separate things I keep putting stuff back into the pile of things I want to keep and I sit down and really think hard about it all about minimizing everything that we’re trying to do here is really embracing.

That thought process of just getting rid of.

It all so it’s a lot of internal struggle and I think when the rubber meets.

The road this especially is next week when the auctioneers come by and finish up the inventories and all that in preparation for the auction that’s where I’m just gonna have to pull the rip cord and separate myself from.

My possessions who’ve been actually quite happy at this point because they’re.

People from the auction house were meant to come to the inside.

Of the house last week and yes you have to push something back for the stuff they had going on which actually worked.

Out in our favor because we were quite happy to leave it at that and not really have to have everything upside down at home until it’s really necessary to do all that so this week for sure that should be stuff happening where it becomes more real the things that being pulled out of the usual spots and.

The stacked up and tripping over stuff got point be a little bit frustrating.

To be living like that for a bit but there’s an end in mind overall and I am actually quite happy to be minimizing a lot.

Of stuff there I think the only thing for me is looking at what what would I shouldn’t be packing their stuff in and that’s something we’ll be talking about in the last few days and China by luggage and stuff and it’s gonna be pretty small and.

Then we are actually all ready for packing cubes so those will go inside the luggage in order for you to organize your stuff a little bit better and then when you look at those and you look at what you yeah yeah I’ve been spending hours literally hours of just finding the right luggage right so right now I think we’ve settled on its a brand called Osprey it’s between Osprey and clearly Julie so these luggage.

I mean you can only carry so much around especially when you travel international so standard is 50 pounds per bag and I think we’re settling on his bags called Osprey sojourn or something like that but essentially you can roll it and it also has pack straps.

They put on your back who’s.

Essentially trying to tell us that you need to have a backpack rather than a role in one because there.

Will be play season before it will just be a pain oh yeah it makes complete sense if you can have a pack on your back right you can move anywhere whereas if you roll around when you have like crap on wherever else yeah so the compromise is packs or wheels but a good option to put on your back and on top of all that it’s not just any pack because this tons over farmers that can Amazon but a lot of them don’t.

Won’t last well and don’t last courts the reviews so especially going through trainings buses airplanes and being tossed around.

Everything like that you definitely want something that’s going to last for years because we’re going to be traveling for years but he’s long to go for you to see oh that worries so close to me she just wants to get in the camera today that’s all.


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