Welcome to 2:00 on Tuesday I know it’s been months and months and months since we caught a video at one Tuesday video and about six weeks since we’ve posted any kind of video on YouTube and I wanted to just let everybody know kind of what’s been going on and our little hiatus and not gonna say that it wasn’t.

Busy it was very busy so first and foremost I want to introduce to you our new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Jael it’s.

Gonna serve the purpose of being able to go on trips and adventures where I don’t necessarily want to bring the Unimog and the trailer obviously at a highway speed of 75 miles an hour it’s a lot nicer to drive than the the Unimog but no it has not replaced the Unimog so that’s the first question that I want to answer because.

I know a number of people have wondered about that second I attended the Vermont Overland Rally there was about probably 200 or 300 vehicles it was a incredibly well attended event a lot of fun I shot a lot of video for those of you that have ever had an issue with one.

Of those little chip thingy bobs that goes inside the video camera well that’s why you haven’t seen any video yet hopefully I’m gonna be able to recover that material but crossing our fingers at this point third I wanted.

To let everybody know that Paul and myself will be attending the Overland Expo East rally in Hendersonville North Carolina the weekend of November 9th through 11th please if you’re.

In the area or attending the event stop by and say hi it’ll be hard to miss our probably orange unimog and orange so they’ll be able to find us in the campground I’m also teaching a couple classes so be sure to look that.

Up and hope to have a great time down there and rehook up with many of you that we already know and meet some new people down there so looking forward to that the the trailer I have not put up any kind of video updating what’s been going on with the trailer build I’m gonna say that it’s not really where I wanted to.

Be I wanted to be farther along for the Overland Expo and it just hasn’t really happened just too many things going on yesterday I actually worked on it we got it we had a nor’easter coming through with sixty mile an hour winds ton of rain it was interesting to say.

The least trying to work with that it is nice and warm and toasty inside there so working inside is not a problem but the the back and forth between my garage and cutting boards and.

Whatnot was was a little interesting so right now the bathroom is functional the cassette toilet is working the shower system I tested at the Vermont Overland rally that’s working it’s a little bit jerry-rigged right now and not everything is installed the way that I would like it ultimately I built the the bed platform and the cabinetry that goes underneath it and I’ve started working on the the flooring as well so it’s getting there probably.

By next year it’ll be ready to go anyways that’s kind of what’s been going on as an update I just wanted to put this out there I’m going to be doing a not and not an overall walk-around of the new Jeep what I would like to do is I know many of.

You are interested in the new jl edition of this so i’m gonna put up my kind of my first impressions of it I’ve driven it about 1,500 miles so far I did take it a little bit of a I’m not going to say incredibly challenging off-road but I.

Put it through its it’s you know a little testing so I have some feedback on that so I would like to do a little bit of a video on this so look for that real soon and that’s about it I will see you all soon and I’ll definitely see you down in Asheville area at North Carolina thanks for watching this video.

Feel like what we’re doing be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking on the truck and tree symbol to your right once again thanks and hope to see you soon.


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