Okay good afternoon everyone I hope you are all doing so well today I’m at the airport headed to China I can’t remember if I had stopped over China before if I’d been there before just for a short period of time but I have a five-hour layover so I’m just I have my computer here and also a frappe of.

Pre-flight ritual is a Frappuccino I’m just looking up some stuff to see if it’s reasonable to stop somewhere and make doing activity I assume getting out of the airport and getting back in.

And through security again would take about two hours so maybe I can go into the city the other point of that is that it’s going to be.

It’s going to be nighttime and I’m not sure what all I could see at night then I have a even longer flight over to New Zealand so at this point of the trip I’m feeling pretty good there’s a bunch of stuff that I’m going to be working on in the future so and I meanwhile very much enjoying.
This trip I’m enjoying building this community with you all and I’m glad to.

See that you guys enjoy following me around the world because I am personally enjoying it myself so yeah I’ll see you guys later okay I’m on this second the second leg.

Headed to New Zealand now and I should really start looking at the tickets to see how long these flights are I actually had no clue that this was like a five-hour.

Flight the first one and then I’m going on to another one which I think was like a six or seven hour flight so you can only imagine how excited I am for that so I’m stopping here is getting.

Some food that’s gonna be so well welcomed not much going on it’s hard to make the full length vlog I’m traveling all day that plane that I just got off it was blazing.
What the deal was but I looked up a little for the little knobs for you.

Turn the air on and they weren’t even there so it was like a good 80 degrees in that plane for five hours I don’t know what the deal was shoutout China Southern Airlines super hot in there headed to New Zealand now I was plenty I must be super tired I try to go through the transfer and they need to know my passport and stuff like that and I asked.

What I’m coming from and I actually fully blinked on it I had no clue I was I had to pause for like ten seconds but I actually had blanked completely I didn’t know where I.

Was probably from watching three inflight movies back to back something like that so this is not a vlog this is just a travel update okay that was the longest flight that I’ve ever taken and I’m officially a New Zealand best hotel room goes.

To this place right here because it’s actually not a hotel room it’s an apartment it’s a one-bedroom apartment this nice little sitting area when you come in a refrigerator on the stove top oven and the best part a washer and dryer and then you got a bathroom in here bedroom in here with a closet.

And a balcony out here there’s a great view nice little living room right here and then another another balcony plenty of space and a giant TV now maybe I can relax catch.

Up on some work I have so much space I’m very happy a lot of space for activities yeah so yeah this longest flight that I’ve ever.


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