We are down a poker a lake very nice I still Park you rent a boat I’m sure a lifejacket doesn’t work just take a stroll around like poker is very chill compared to Katmandu we’re laid-back atmosphere a lot of people hassling you but you can still do a lot of the stuff you can do from Katmandu in oprah.

Such as trekking and other things like that venture stuff bungee jumping parasailing gliding all those kind of stuff you will not.

Find me doing most likely if they have copious amounts of alcohol which is probably not a good idea I wonder where the temple is there supposed to be a temple in the middle of.

Lake anyways yeah it’s all she wrote I don’t know what else I’m gonna do from here another week here in Pokhara chill relax all right stay with me okay so we’re going over to what’s called peace pagoda and can’t see it from here I think that it right there peace pagoda that right there up there so it’s 700 rupees one way for two people 750 for boat there’s our nice little driver there hello and so you get.

A nice ride on the lake and the boat and then we’re gonna walk about an hour up that hill and check.

It out you can see the annapurna mountains in the.

Distance there they’re all behind this mountain looks a little hazy this morning it’s not gonna.

Be the best views hopefully that burns away okay so this is gonna be a day of walking and checking out some sites for Yeti yes again still haven’t found him all right let’s go stay with me you see all the paragliders out there.
That’s cool that’s the hell that.

We look at from our place right here somewhere and I’m gonna make our way up this mountain I think it’s about an hour walk so fun and get a nice view we get there walking all the way back somehow yeah so now we make our way up this section I think let’s go okay they’re over there’s a Hindu temple island this is the world peace pagoda situated the height of 1100 meters from sea level high the pagoda is 11 sorry 115 feet in diameter hard to read.
Anyway 1,100 meters high which compared to fifty.

Three hundred meters who did a base camp Everest.

Is nothing good keep going a nice little.

View from this spot to have a quick look it all started with the same spot you can actually see the top of the mountain.

Now over there then I stay careful you’re going 2/3 away another 15 20 nuts too bad we’re almost there almost.

There you can see it yeah because it’s where they get the peace peace pagoda more peace up high away from people and things attachments okay we’ve made it.

Peace pagoda we gave us you.


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