So this year we’re hosting child to come for its third year yeah up till now we’ve been hosting a foot for three years every year we do host travel tech meetups every month and so far the funniest thing is that my team now that we’re working on trial tech on currently and they’re already talking about how we’re gonna.

Do things next year so I don’t even have a choice to say we’re not.

Doing it yeah they are they have already decided that they’re doing it how did you come up with it good idea to travel three years ago when I moved to the Bay Area I was working on an idea and travel tech space I didn’t know anyone and I just wanted to connect to local founders and kind.

Of find out what other people are working on and I started researching and I found zero resources for founders mostly in.

About corporate space anything community oriented is just not there there’s a bunch of FinTech mark tech at tech food tech but nothing much for a trial tech so I started the meetup to.

For purely my own purposes to connect to other founders and kind of grew from there we were four people at the first meetup and now we’re having 300 people founders coming here for child con for three days what is so special about the industry why why you decided to have separate topic I would say the most interesting thing about trial industry is that on the surface it kind of looks very progressive you know we hear every day how.

Travelers get to see the new apps new services new you know hardware software is being developed but on the on the behind the closed curtains it’s it lacks a lot of characteristics that allow innovation to happen faster.

There’s not that much collaboration not that much open collaboration between founders a lot of the innovation comes from corporate R&D departments and we believe that majority of innovation comes from startups from grassroots from founders sharing knowledge with fellow founders and that’s the problem in the industry there’s not that much coming from the grassroots aspect so that’s why we wanted to try this out and and and enable founders to drive the innovation in the industry how do brands.

And corporates reacted the fact that you hosted that you’ll probably approach them y’all had a lot of interest over over years from corporates from brands to be part of this they’ve seen the opportunity to kind of use us as a channel to.

Find out what startups are about what startups are working on what what’s happening in the startup scene we had multiple kind of propositions offers to operate under.

A brand and their corporate brand and while those propositions obviously were super attractive to us because you know we’re known for profit the resources are always you know scarce you always have to figure out how to get things done eventually we figured out we started as an independent group and we want.

To stay independent that was our.

Primary goal with the events and community and and conferences so right now corporates purely see us as as a platform versus this thing that they can acquire and use which i think is a good achievement on our end we invite these industry companies to participate versus dictating what we should be doing absolutely like real life is better Valley to cradle it’s.

Not a founders right right meet the needs of big corporate right and we earned so much credibility and trust from the community this way if we if we went non-independent route I don’t think we would be here right now with so many founders joining us and truly believing that this is the platform for founders to be able to collaborate openly without.

Any corporate agendas so are you hosting the area is where we started and that’s where.

I think the biggest community will keep developing but we’re looking at other locations we’re looking to expand because we’ve been getting so much interest from the communities not only outside of the Bay Area in the states but also internationally you know people reach out from Europe Spain Israel Hong Kong I just talked to a couple of founders from Hong Kong who are super excited to start something like that there and we want to collaborate we have plans to expand that’s exciting yet so we glad to be part of the travel that.

Conference thank you so much for inviting us and wish you all good luck thank you.



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