Hi everybody so we are here today at Magic Kingdom and I have a lot of friends to me this is Jorge this is Kelly if you’ve been around you probably know them but if you don’t there are some of my best friends and this is also Brennan right here we’re gonna have a great day today guys right we.

Sure are is this Dooney & Bourke yeah yeah it’s a little wallet for how much just a hundred and fifty dollars hundred fifty eight dollars and how much is the bag does it say it is two hundred.

And sixty eight dollars but it’s all the Pixar characters what was that so we are of course hanging out watching the show we’re underneath one of the turrets right now this is one of our favorite places to come and take some pictures and watch the show all right we just finished up with the show what’s up I did bring my own I brought some Gatorades for everybody and now we’re heading into Adventureland because I got a Fastpass for what Caribbean so it’s a good thing we have fast passes.

Because the line goes all the way outside and it’s fully extended inside so the the mermaid in the boat they used to be here is gone now so everyone appoint you just noticed about this it’s a squid it’s an octopus or something you see it so one of my earliest memories of Pirates of the Caribbean is just being obsessed with the swords that they had here and to me it wasn’t a good day at Disney unless I got a sword that I could just swing around with me what.

Are your guys’s first memories of Pirates of the Caribbean first was laughing at that donkey as you go inside that nigga’s head out with you and pennant freely yeah really I did do you remember being like afraid of this ride at all same yeah I remember haunted mansion with my with my dad and being scared he receiveth the end being in the little chairs going through and the little ghosts appearing within.

There yeah like over your head it’s actually like a story that we tell it again I was maybe like over there Lord and I was right next to my grandfather probably fine and then it got to the dark place right before you go over the little drop yeah I just buried.

My head like completely and then it started to scream like it’s loud cracking up and dying laughing that is this terrifying part that one part scary I remember feeling like so what I was gonna say is with that drop it’s interesting because every ride that I would do with my family I’d be like is there a drop does it go fast and I think my mom said no this.

Ride so then when I heard like people screaming and darkness I just felt betrayed and I just like looked at my mom like there is a drop and then it wasn’t that bad like.

At all it was just like the betrayal it just lingers with me you know alright we just walked through.

The center hub area now we’re heading into Tomorrowland for the incredible Tomorrowland Expo we’re gonna have some lunch.

Over here Space Mountain people mover everything fine alright hi how’s it goin what do you think of the galactic purple wall it reminds me of the day when ice first started school really oh and then burnin I’m indifferent oh the people movie line looks a little bit long but I think it’s gonna be worth it I hope so.


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