Barcelona knows how to party from cozy dark ancient watering holes with house-made vermouth to crazy Eurotrash mirrored ceiling nightclubs full of backpackers fresh out of that first year of college you can find a place to get loose in this town easy just walking through the streets you’re bound to come across some form of a party where music and.

Booze collide and a beautiful explosion from elegant palaces where you can lounge and Goudy furniture and classical music to the zoo that is club savage that can be.

Heard all the way down paths a o2 born this town has you covered that said nothing will prepare you for Monday nights in Barcelona yeah 4 a.

Monday well technically it’s Tuesday Rock Tuesday anyway nasty Monday’s is an institution here in Barcelona a giant all access all welcome party that is paused in this ancient Apollo nightclub this celebration of all that is the Bacchus is probably the most fun we had anywhere levels.

And levels of dance floors are packed with people from all over all rockin to whatever the DJ decides to spend oh yeah that’s the DJ okay come on am.

I right place is crazy this place is a beautiful mess no one cares who you are or where you’re from or what you do as long as you love me all anyone cares about is having a good time celebrating and dancing and the club is on board with that they have a giant stage with a.

Bar on top that get this just makes drinks and pours it down everyone’s throat that’s standing at the front yeah you stand up there and wait and you receive your party booze I mean who does that yeah.

That’s wrong oh and there he is again oh and one more time yeah that’s that’s gonna have a gash cast or whatever what I’m saying here is that dirty Monday’s is a giant party.

Where you can dance your ass off until you’re numb and no longer can walk and did we mention this was a Monday night I will let you go ahead and amass to Friday my.


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