Hello everybody welcome back to game changers my Kloster along with kelly Kellner and with the snow that we got in alberta two and a half feet I’ve had enough can we not go play poker someplace warm take me to a beach Kelley how about the Caribbean my friend how about the Caribbean let me tell you something there’s some.

Great options in poker around the world some great tournaments and we’re we’re getting behind one that’s that’s that’s a classic it’s an iconic tournament PokerStars Caribbean adventure this.

Events been running for a number of years hosted at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in the Bahamas and this year’s running on.

January 5th to 16th there’s a total of 41 tournaments and they’ve got buy-ins ranging from three hundred and thirty dollars all the way up to $100,000 Buy in super high roller PokerStars and Poker Stars I’ve run.

A great series of events I was at the at their event the EPT European Poker Tour Barcelona this summer looking at going to their event in Prague in December but if you’re gonna go to the Caribbean this winter you want.

To go to the PCA and here’s why they’ve got an event it’s called the Poker Stars players Championships it’s a Texas Hold’em.

Event $25,000 buy-in there’s opportunities to win your way in through satellites on poker star you can buy win your.

Way in for as little as $1 get in there start playing the other thing that Poker Stars is doing for this series is they’re adding nine million dollars u. to the prize pool and they’re giving away platinum passes so you’ve got a chance by going on and playing on their site or going to their live events coming up.

In London coming up at the mega stack in Dublin or or at the EPT Prague as well it’s on a number of ways.

Online or through a number of their online pros and you can go and win a $30,000 package so you want to take a look at that they’re also adding a million dollars to first place on that event so I encourage you all to go to Poker Stars if you haven’t played or haven’t.

Been on the site for a while head back there because this is the event you want to qualify win your.

Way into and hopefully Mike will see everybody and all of our game-changers fans down the other Atlantis Resort & Casino in January and if you see.

A guy in a bikini with a metal detector it’s him yeah I’m looking for chance to get into that 3:30.


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