I am chef McPhee and your wild timer so what makes my restaurant unique is the fact that it’s an old bohemian home I think that’s the signature we cook up traditional dishes dizzyness products fresh fish local produce we put a nice spin on it so it’s a great fusion between different cultures it’s fun it isn’t stuffy so you.

Can always come and have a good meal three four times a week one thing we would like the guests at the parties plates.

To take away is we want to leave them with an indelible impression whatever they eat from us we want it to be a just a burst of flavors we just wanted to keep it fun fresh practical and tasty we try to bring uniqueness to anything that we’re gonna.

Put put out it’s important to support highs for hunger because as chefs you know God gave us this just Talent this gift and it’s good too you should give to give back to people at anything hi I’m Amanda Ferguson and you guys are at Big D boutique and Bistro this.

Year I want guests to take away from biggity the fact that we are.

Totally versatile our message for the public would be support each other by Bahamian support small businesses it’s crucial to our economy it’s crucial to our livelihood we really love having our own people dine with us we love having our people support us and it’s so important to just latch on to our culture and make sure that we all know each other and support each other it’s super important to Big B to support.
Hands for hunger because this is our way of giving back it’s.

Our way of raising awareness for this wonderful cause many people here go without on a daily basis and we to be more in tune with that and to see how we can help each other.

My name is Nikhil Wells and I’m part of the Caribbean bottling company theme this year we saw that the Hans The Hunger team they were going with a little bit of a garden vibe so we wanted to bring something that was fun gardening and we have a lot of the elderflower under torn so we wanted to really shift with the sium and have a little bit of fun with it at paradise place.
We want people to just leave feeling refreshed.

You know saying you know they had something unique they had something that they really enjoyed and they’re gonna go home and remember it for at least a little while to come I.

Think one of the things that makes Caribbean but unique is our commitment to the community the communities that we serve in addition to providing refreshing beverages.

We like to actually go out there and give back to the people who you know support the Caribbean bottling company we’re proud to be a cool donor we’re proud to be taking part in Paradise plates and if you could say.

Something to the public you know look into the work at hands for hunger does they do some amazing work and if you can give back in any way I would say you know definitely support them they’re an amazing group and it’s really important to us to be able to support companies that actually look after the human community.


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