And personally oversaw the pursuit of Javier Martine so you have people like this this officer ready to move the move you got a task.

Force together in this case and off you went exactly using all that manpower the police quickly picked up Martin’s trail it led to Captain Jack’s we’re done Norse friends were told the lead suspect had stayed in their.

Hostel the hair would stand up on my my arms in my bag the more Azra lured the scarier Javier martín de Kade one lady at one of the hostels had said that guy is a psychopath he he caught a snake one time and cut the head off and ran around shaking the snake everywhere haviar martini.

Yes yes where are we right now are we going okay we’re on the road to a town called portal in BO retracing winners investigation we head to a sleepy port village near the San Blas Islands when.

You come into a little village like this what are your instincts what are you trying to do as an investigator well it was all related to tracking the movements of Javier Martine trying to find out.

Where he went what he was doing we stayed.

In this room and this is the bed that he would always stand did you sense something right.

Away did you sense this men were in trouble when I began their own loveand amendable he said he see I didn’t think he was a drug trafficker I thought he was more like.

Just crazy long throat just somebody that doesn’t decide it’s out of control in late January 2011 after dawn North.

Went missing locals reported that Javier Martine who had always lived hand-to-mouth suddenly was living large they said that he had he’d bought he went out and bought a like.

A large screen plasma TV brand-new he bought a sound system he bought a guitar and he may have bought all that stuff using Don’s ATM card I believe that these are the ATM machines that were used by either Javier Martinez self or people that were helping him to.

Pull money out of the bank accounts of the victims using their ATM he got their cards and got their pin numbers taking into account the dead Frenchman.

The missing money and Javier Martinez pending spree winner knew in his gut it wasn’t looking good for Dawn north no doubt in your mind that Javier Martine is the man responsible for.

The disappearance of da Noya I got no doubt I’ve got no doubt whatsoever Ezra realized he had to face the hard truth his uncle.

Was most likely murdered by Xavier Martine this bastard killed my uncle and we need to make sure he’s in jail got questions about the manhunt for Xavier Martine chat now on Facebook Xavier Marty the man at the center of this manhunt had spent years ferrying backpackers between Panama and Colombia he came into contact with a lot of Americans like Garrett Paul and Jessica stout we.

Were at the start of a six-month backpacking trip and we need to get from Colombia to Panama.

And along the way they were looking for adventure we usually like to think outside the box and do do things are a little different and unique he’s not kidding Garrett and Jessica were contestants on the CBS program The Amazing Race in 2009 a year after they happened to meet Xavier more team came across a pamphlet.


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