For Javier Martinez a number of recommendations and called him up to see if we could meet him and see the boat the couple signed on with Martine and spent the next.

Five days aboard his boat the Twila huh Muir was a little salty in that he just you could tell he’s been spending some time out on that ocean it was you.

Know flirtatious button captain hanging out with all of us even had a barbecue on one of the islands it was social they liked Xavier well enough to later recommend him.

Never suspecting he might be dangerous it was shocking to us but you know you never know what people are capable of I think there were two sides Xavier Martine the side that could you know have the persona of a businessman and hang out with the passengers and Salem you don’t cook for them and the side that obviously done eventually found out Becky can imagine how the two men became friends after dawn rescued Xavier.

From his sinking ship I think that they probably broke bread probably had a drink together hung out I’m speculating but done.

You know with a friendly guy.

Investigators now believe had been killed at the hands of Xavier Martine do you believe this was a calculated murder a spur-of-the-moment killing what do you think I think it was calculated determined to bring Martine to justice.

Ezra went all in with Don winner I trusted him with my whole heart but whenever he asked.

Me to do something I was going to do it not only had winter convinced the Panamanian police to form a task force he’s a big believer of putting things out there he also corralled a group of local reporters to begin spreading the word that a man who allegedly killed Don north and jean-pierre.

Boo Hart was at large I said hey guys you know huddle up I got one for you here’s the deal tenure estaba assassin allah i said apparently there’s a another serial killer.

On the loose and we’re looking for this man when you tell these reporters there’s a potential serial killer out there right are they interested oh absolutely is it an orgy that night the story about Ezra and his missing uncle went national meteors.

Ellen sue Barco in chichi may in San Blas that clip aired on the primetime news that night and it was headline news winner kept digging he got a tip that a Spaniard named Luis once had don norse ATM card the same card used to drain his bank account tell me where we’re going and why all right we’re gonna go take a look at this yellow trimaran right here this is the boat that’s owned by luis luis.

Was the guy who’s associated with Javier de Mar theme winner suspects Luis may have played a role in draining Don NORs bank account hello hola someone’s had just popped up there and went down I saw him through the window winner warns us to be alert that Luis might be armed and dangerous we saw somebody hit by someone said they popped up there and they look right back down.

It was on this right window here along here guy that’s leash Louise white-ass Louise well uh wait see when I started this we were CBS news we’re doing.

A story about the death of Don North murder of Don north I was him Franta.


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