Were a friend of Don nursery also a friend of Xavier Martine yes I know Western a friend of thing I know that.

A guy I’m not that the guy I know with.

This guy but there was no friend of ayahuasca on me and my wife Luis admits he did have one of Don’s bank cards but insists Don gave it to him to get some money because he was running out of dollars there I didn’t like to move and they gave me down Jim in his car.

Good time you’re spending most relevant with this case I don’t know and then this gang with this book that.

Is all right for today all right let’s go based on your experience as an intelligence officer you can read people you can read body language what were you seeing with all the folding up.

And attitude scared nervous afraid he wasn’t putting out that I had nothing to do with it.

Vibe two days into the manhunt Javier Martinez whereabouts remained a mystery while the task force spread out over a vast area including these scores of islands off of the coast of Panama he was actually.

Hundreds of miles away here in the tiny village of Santa Fe not far from the border with Colombia this Panamanian cowboy says he met Javier Martine and sold him.

To horses and did he say where he was going to go they gave a Sierra Colombia Javier’s plan was to pack those horses full of supplies and head off into one of the most treacherous jungles on earth making his way toward Colombia where it would be nearly impossible for.

Any law enforcement to follow him the question was could anyone stop him we knew that havi or Martine was a dangerous killer we knew that he had killed two people we knew that he was going to flee the jurisdiction of Panama the trail to Xavier Martine led to Panama’s.

Darién jungle 50 miles wide and hundreds of miles long it’s a dangerous corridor but Martine had no choice it was the only way he.

And get to Colombia his plan was going to be the ride via horseback through some of the most impenetrable jungle in the world and to escape into Colombia authorities knew Martine.

Was equipped with guns and money so time was of the essence you know you got to wonder is he going to get away you know is it is he never going to get caught but luckily Don winners strategy of plastering Javier Martinez face on national television was about to pay off winner Kubrick owned a serial a fotografías del sospechoso Javier Martine in a tiny town on the edge of the darién jungle this hotel clerk watched that.

News report and was stunned she knew that guy and more importantly she knew where he was upstairs in room 27 and he wasn’t using the name Javier Martine what name did he register under Don north yes dawn north javier.

Martinez assumed the identity of the man he allegedly killed and he didn’t stop there Nadal a keno game you up again and there somebody big then he’s hitting on her and trying to get her to come to his room and saying it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day long you just learned that.

Don North is actually happy our Martine and accused serial killer insane and he’s hitting on you Jesus I got afraid afraid that a killer was in the hotel.


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