Boss who called police after a massive three-day manhunt involving dozens of investigators searches in the Caribbean and the jungle Xavier Martine was arrested and what he had.

With him was damning way they found Don Knorr passport they found three weapons they found like 13 thousand dollars cash that he had stolen from his victims the day after Martines arrest authorities located Dawn’s missing boat the wind dancer its name had been changed to the.

Green Twilight that was done by Javier Martine and that of course is not the name of the boat that boats monocles home without the boat he wouldn’t live without the boat that boat once so alive when Don owned it was now empty and adrift what was.

That moment like for you when you came to the realization that he was gone I was in shock and all the stages of grieving shock comes first and disbelief and it just to know how II do I.

Mean I don’t know how he died but I can only imagine the fate of him it that makes it hard and I just hope that it went quickly for him he was killed on the boat they found DNA on the boat investigators treated the wind dancer as a crime scene sharing their findings with Ezra they found blood in the top of the.

Cabin indicating that maybe a gunshot to the.

Head and then they found blood up the stairs and then on the deck indicating that Javier Martinez pulled him off the boat and thrown him overboard there was very little question.

That he was killed on his boat and that’s hard to think about rally was just incredibly sad you know done and done nobody deserves to die like that the evidence against Xavier Martine continued to.

Pile up and was even found on Dawn’s beloved island of chicha May when tent was right here it.

Would appear another died year Cunha chief Umberto showed us where police found two tents rented by Xavier Martine.

Inside Martine allegedly had stashed many.

Of Dawn Norse possessions including a gun and equipment from his boat electronics it was navigational equipment so her uncle’s boot had been stripped essentially yeah apparently so so what.

Was Javier Martinez plan and more importantly why did he allegedly kill two innocent boat owners jean-pierre Bou hard and Don North I think that he killed Donna because there were things on the boat that he wanted remember Martines owned boat had sunk in a.

He was desperate to restart his business ferrying backpackers between Panama and Colombia and if you’re charging him 450 bucks a head what you want is a big boat they can carry more passengers and jean-pierre boo hards big boat was perfect which is why police say Martine shot the Frenchman and dumped him overboard just days after killing Don North looting his boat and stealing his money a cold-blooded killer basically I mean that’s.

That sounds like he’s used to killing people and in fact Panamanian authorities along with Interpol are investigating reports that Martine may.

Have left a trail of murdered boat owners across the Caribbean it’s just beyond anybody’s comprehension that there are people.


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