In the world is evil is out to do something like that and Ezra is about to confront that evil head-on setting foot on his uncle’s boat for the first time since the murder oh my god this bill was his life plain and simple it’s literally a part.

Of it yeah it’s part of his identity this this is to see it without him on it just it.

Doesn’t he didn’t write we were with Ezra as he boarded his uncle’s boat for the first time since the murder finally made it don’t look so good in there what’s the emotional connection for you to be back.

On this boat well I remember.

Things but they’re all destroyed I’m having a hard time looking at them because it’s been ruined there’s just stuff everywhere but as he looks closer that’s done it’s your uncle’s a young.

Man Ezra discovers more remnants of Don Norse life there’s my uncle at his nursery areas and there’s Becky Nicholas is right this was his dog he had and Trinidad his name was Jesse Ezra then searches.

For a precious family heirloom all right well I think this is the bag that my dad described something he assumed the killer must have stolen wouldn’t that be cool if there was some gold in her oh my god for solid Gold Krugerrands I found him my god unbelievable your uncle’s gold the killer didn’t get the gold a drop.

On the gold your Uncle Don right now it’s got a smile on his he does this belongs to the family it does I’ve traveled thousands of miles to get to.

This moment and here they are it’s unbelievable but it’s still done bring him back right as you find the gold the storm is kicking up the rain is hitting maybe he.

Knows thanks Uncle Don what would your uncle be saying to you right now Israel he’d be proud of me he always told me he’s proud of me he’d called me and told me he’s proud of me and uh I just do what I think I can do is right that’s all I can do no I don’t feel like I’ve done anything.

Special but we’ve got one more search.

To do doing yes and see if he’s got any say in it we’ll find him too with that in mind Scott what is this what we have is an acoustic camera it allows us to see things using sound in motion 48 hours brought sonar experts Scot Walters down to the San Blas Islands to look for the one thing that could.

Lead us to Don’s body we’re looking for an anchor if we’re lucky enough to go over one well this device detect it absolutely this is this is the best thing that.

We could have for for a search of this kind a Thor ”tis believe Don’s body was tied.

To his anchor and thrown overboard we scanned the channel that sources tell us Javier Martinez a laughter the murder and so this yellow tint were seen through here that’s the bottom correct yeah this line is the bottom but after four.

All come to realize the water is just too.

Deep and if a body was here is it almost impossible to.

Find it makes it a lot more difficult not impossible but not impossible is just more difficult if these these types of deaths while done north may be lost at sea forever we head off to meet the one person who may know where his body was dumped we’re just outside the worst most notorious prison in all of Panama Lahu itza and this is where Javier Martine lives.


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