Awaiting trial we’ve been trying for months to get to this man and we’ll see what he has to say Javier Martine now facing more than 70 years in prison and.

A trial date later this year agreed to an interview with 48 hours we’re just outside the director’s office we’ve been told this is the place we can interview Xavier Martine but with the cameras ready to roll we actually see that the accused double murderer backs down surprisingly he did manage to contact.

Producer Chris O’Connell the next day first by.

Email Xavier and then on a phone that someone had smuggled in Peter Van Sant and this is a story I know you want the world to hear immediately it’s clear Xavier Martine has only one thing on his mind I need the money the only way Javier we can’t pay for an interview okay did you kill Don north I’m doing my.

Thing do what that they’re dumb or am I gonna do it okay in other conversations with 48 hours Xavier Martine claimed his innocence but Don winner is sure.

He got his man and he’s proud of it I really do like the idea of being responsible for.

Putting the bad guys in jail I think that is a noble service despite the many unanswered questions friends and family of dawn north take some solace in the knowledge that his body is most likely in the waters that he called home where do you think Don is today dance watching he’s around just send this little.

Signal some way it is kind of ironic also that he he’s in the sea and I actually when I went snorkeling a few weeks ago and the grand Caymans I remember just that’s the quiet of being underwater and I thought about him.

It’s peaceful it’s definitely his resting place and he would have told me cremate my body spread my ashes here and teaching me I am.

At peace so I’m a peace that he’s with the sea that’s where I would want to be Javier mati maintains his innocence what do you think chat now on Facebook you for the past eighteen and a half years I’ve been in prison on death row for a crime I didn’t commit they were easy targets I knew.

This day would come excitement anxiety it’s a whole new world on television online on the go and now on iPad you.


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