That’s the wind dancer that’s my uncle’s boat you can see on the bow they used to say wind dancer the boat is just trashed something really bad happened there I am ezra north and Don North is my uncle Don decided that he was going to go do what everyone dreams to do he sailed the entire Caribbean and found.

Absolute paradise it is breathtaking we understand why Don loved it so much there my uncle lived on this boat for 22 years this was his life Don just wanted.

To live his life in nature he was a beautiful person Don knew that bad things did happen that there are a pirate he did have a gun he bought a Taser just in case something did happen in mid January we started asking each other around the family have you heard from Don and all.

An email to him I said Don hey what’s up buddy people were looking for you where are you but you know Don didn’t write back It was as if he had sailed into.

A black hole I remember just thinking I don’t think this looks very good.

Time was of the essence we knew there was one person who could make things happen and that was Don winner I can’t walk.

Away from something like this if I can get involved in help I’m done there’s a lot of moving pieces in this thing different physical locations people using aliases there’s all kinds of opportunities for bad things to happen oh my god I gave him this hat this isn’t good this was Dawn’s worst nightmare our friend gand was missing something terribly evil penetrated this this utopia dark side of paradise tonight’s 48 hours mystery the.

Mystery Continues in 90 seconds my uncle was absolute free spirit love people loved animals love plants he was just a lover of life.

When dawn north and his sailboat.

The wind dancer disappeared in the waters off Panama in January 2011 his nephew Ezra was sick with worry it’s hard to work it’s hard to eat it’s hard to sleep you’re thousands of miles away from someone.

You love and you’ve got a million scenarios playing out Ezra an.

Engineer for an oil company.

Was determined to enroll the mystery of what had become of his uncle friends recommended the one American in Panama who might be.

Able to find Don North all they said to me was called Don winner this man can help you Don winner is a former intelligence officer with the US Air Force and an investigative journalist who runs a website for expats he’s also a CBS News consultant when I get involved in something like this I drop all the other stuff and I go focus on.

The I’m the most important thing what is it about you and who you are that makes you want to get.

Involved why not what wouldn’t you if you knew that there was a family member that was asking for help wouldn’t you drop what you were doing to go help that guy I mean it’s just the right thing to do winner told Ezra that he needed to file a missing-persons.

Report this should do it I love you keep.

In touch okay Ezra abruptly said goodbye to his wife in Houston Texas and headed for Panama what was it like for you to arrive here in Panama City that first time overwhelming Ezra and winner hit the ground running and likes for the ending Don North’s come on by support they were searching.


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