Outside I don’t wanna waste wood the snows which she’s the lead in us love is will ever trust yeah no I don’t want always with through the wastelands through the highways to my shadow to sunrays and to her the way melodies we haven’t played going around these walls planning to create a song miss Abby we’ll go through the.
Wastelands through the highways through my.

Shadow through the sunrays and we’ll go and we’ll go if you burn them to see the horizon turn us the flowers and.
We’ll grow whew love to see those welcome shadow always.

Adventures I haven’t seen save me baby save me I’ll say to my that’s made of I think we’re getting close through the ways I want to be where nobody knows well see don’t mind is made of hold me close till I get up thumb is barely out of side I don’t want always.

Was stones which ISA leading us.



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