Hey never he is oh my god he’s out here a lot of people want to say look show number five Apple you could use mine oh oh we got to put that back right you got your amp there we go rock and roll show number five we’re out of here there you go mr.
Finn happy number five five years old brother.

Well done two days after mine Gemini boy I love you and I wish you the best best best always my love rock fucking stars all I.

Gotta say man tearing it up course the world coca-cola kids I feel JD today feel good how you feeling today excellent yep I’ve missed that one great popular belief you heard it ladies.

And gentlemen I haven’t put my face on yet but look at his crap but everybody says how come Johnny’s never in your videos cuz you.

Know why I don’t like to invade his shit so you know.

What I’m saying I don’t like to invade your stuff.

So I’m always like undo this thing so and that’s why you know it’s limited there we go there he is over here it looks pretty good to me today hey feeling that JD look he’s getting ready to see actually he’s Tooting his own guitar.
Yes he Tunes his guitar – even though haystacks is.

Over there he does tune his own shit believe it or.

To his own shit this guy even pushes Road cases even pushes Road cases but look at that same look at that y’all right good job there Johnny ding thank you pal see it moves Road Casey that’s it pal good job we’ll see you on the train it’s the plane the.

Train the van the bug it never ends I’m like on what time we get back to the hotel for AL today we’re doing Glenn we travel everyone you do is Johnny is it safe okay is it safe Arina are you excited no not true okay Wembley.

Arena this is a good one again that wasn’t hard enough oh it’s brave again once hello hello we were in the dressing room at grasp on yes I am yes we’re in the grasp Pop Festival how you doing today JD yes exactly there you go hey Davey and I would like to thank you I’d.

Like to add to the know it’s coming in this year what do you got is it I would like to thank you for contributing.

To my tinnitus since I was a youth you’re actually adding to it splashing lemons green cymbals it’s you guys fault Fabian thanks for the hearing loss we appreciate it catch you later see you guys in a bit with that guy and the.

Moat castle it’s about time Carla thank.

You for bringing these wonderful gifts all right we got all his gifts look.

At this this is amazing so cute look at that gift that’s amazing thank you so much there you go thank you so much sleeping.

Part there you go thank you so much that’s really sweet well we’ll finish it off that’s really sweet look at that stuff thank you all.

For such the wonderful gifts I owe you what’s this what is that kids.

Right shoulder thank you Munich right right that was a good show hi Rachel awesome that’s mine Wow guy here he is I love bring back it actually you.

Know fortunately have you secretly as a Beth the battle oh man you.

Scored dude is this too right thanks Joe what do you think boss it’s very sweet right very sweet bring me the.

Da Bears yeah allegorical piece about my big guy what’s up big guy say look these guys are just showing up Rufus Rufus Gophers.


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