Last time on the lazy geckos rough night yeah yeah Reese was like oh my god beautiful morning though on the boat alone for a couple days we’re learning how to operate a catamaran Jeremih and I and on offense that is better for him be mastered probably in those seeds in that wind of we were tolerating a name for.

Its last night they were trying to say now they’re dragging it through the salt water anytime you lose your rigging and on your boat thank you so it goes from disaster to life birthing disaster real quick let’s do this until the Sun comes up enough to.

Be able to see we have radar over here there’s the shoreline of Florida somewhere up.

There is Key West somewhere up there they promise it’s out there see the horizon one of the joys of living aboard laundry mats we do have a washer on board but.

For the big jobs we hit beat Boca Chica is a small air base near Key West Jeremiah used to deploy here at times when he was in the Marines this little military restaurant.

Slash bar is great local friendly and relaxing just what we needed for the night so nice of John to trust us with his boat while he’s away we’re currently considering a deal for us to take Calypso off his hands.

This was a perfect time to try out but sunrise in my eyes just like new day a breath of fresh air and now we are operating the boat alone yeah man it’s the duo once again actually I should say trio what do you.
Think thought what undocking of sweetie.

Bow thrusters the bomb right that went more smoothly forever you say that then it’s ever gone two years on the Gekko that’s for sure you just hit you know with the stern thruster and bow thruster you just push yourself away from the dock and then you can do opposite and spin the.

Boat right there in spot that’s amazing it was insane and I think this flip line yeah yeah I can hold it there and against the Don Cossack.

Amazing totally different that’s sure you got a son track where we head it really go down this uh off the book that she could Inlet and then go right back into stock dial in Marina we’re gonna pick up some fuel tried to to his baby through the some of the Marquesas Marquis ease or whatever Marquesas Marquesas and to that salmon is a freaking.

Pirate ship so tomorrow the president comes here and they’re going to close this channel down so it’s good if we’re leaving today you know we don’t have to deal with being stuck pretty cool though we had to see Air Force One fly over the other day oh those marine one Oh marine one my bad my bad ever work slower filling the president comes yeah we are 44 foot catamaran we like to blow up your field ah.

Absolutely not a problem are you in.

The channel now that we are came out on the fuel dock that will be ready to assist with nice me lookit breathe – aye captain you’re the captain swab who’s the swab mom swap like me where we go in categories you don’t know I think it’s captain daddy it’s rare that we have great conditions today is amazing following winds and seas it was time to set sail still.

Got service I do I have like one out of four bars that’ll be gone soon I know I like to like when I.

See see things out here like so I like to look what they’re about and try to find things out the service didn’t last long though soon we were on our own headed for some beautiful island what you think about it this morning sale oh it’s great it’s so funny cuz you know usually when we take off on.
Our boat I guess cuz it was smaller.

It felt like a lot of work so this morning I was kind of like I.

Don’t feel like I’m doing that but there’s stuff that we’re missing but no pull off the dog it was great nice and calm you did a great job hold him for fuel that went beautifully I don’t it was amazing and then we took off and it’s been calm waters no more than ones I haven’t seen.

That’s a great public sea turtle swirl right it just went down no yeah it went down gosh darn it but anyway it’s a little windy than what we thought well I.

Guess we knew it was gonna pick up to 15 it has been 10 but you know it’s great because it’s giving us a.

Breeze we chose this sweet secluded anchorage just west of the Marquesas tomorrow we’ll hop the forty miles or so to the dry tortugas but tonight we decided to launch the esta to take in the beauty that was all around us okay just woke up the first.

Thing I do is search for dolphins every morning they’re at the Marquesas about to leave for the dry tortugas and I seen no dolphins at all oh that was something not often okay time to go wake the husband up this should be fun people have been asking for our morning routine so this is Internet’s finest and yep you pick up your phone but guess what we have no service this button start hold.
The button oh it’s a lot different than.

Our last generators I could’ve totally done that we’re gonna charge the battery what start starting about ERISA’s just get everything going good and I stretched up and then it’s easy on the wall centers and those generator on then diesel generator.

You won’t put them in real loads so it’s up to things on air-conditioned new salon an issue for the DC water.

Maker you don’t have to run a generator but since we’re sitting here for an hour I’m gonna go ahead and do it just make sure your fresh.

Water pumps on and you just hit the button once and now to make water for an hour you want two hours you hit it twice Mayra morning routine is a little different it consists of moisturizer for my face and coffee so the press actually this press.

Patron gave to us along the way as we are cruising in marathon my broke as it fell out of the galley and I knew they were there I asked them if.

They had the press that I had sent them for being a patron and he and they said yes and it was this big so I’m really really oh them I messed.

Up that one and I’m still using it I’m the only illiterate his coffee on board first morning I haven’t seen any it’s a great way to enjoy your coffee especially when it’s not cold or hot it’s none of those over there nobody got a early start today started yet reading on the generator yeah that means I’m starting sure I mean like going how far is our trip today 40 miles 40 miles averaging six and a half.

Seven yeah all right so we’ll get there before sunset that’s all really right I’m excited I know a lot of people that have gone they talk about it the Saints great we have perfect weather we couldn’t have asked for a better yeah should be good finish.

My coffee and we got mmm-hmm all right so this is turn on the yacht controller.

Down here which these growls I live on autopilot instruments radios this everything kind of power up and then for the auto throttles this is like a fly-by-wire type system he installed.

This you hit hook command down this is basically puts it in a mode that you can Rev the engines without it going in gear.

Tell by the video go there little yellow flashing light we’re gonna turn on the port engine instruments coming on there we go and they’ll go to starboard see it’s come on then we’re.

In neutral and we’re going to struck the start record engine it’s a beautiful sound right there take it mm just get it out a little dip right there then we’ll start the starboard without then I just let them warm up and then I’ll switch everything else on to anchor light off I’ll let them warm.

Up and then I bring the throttles back to neutral then I’ll just hit this little warm suit button and then now we can know we can engage the transmission so that’s pretty much it good job next time on the lazy geckos I think it’s freaking hot in there I’ll be there like 10 hours to the driver to gate like this coming right for they drop the anchor and then they’re like I couldn’t.

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