Hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m so excited to be back and today I have partnered with Lowe’s on this video now I’m going to show you how I prepared Sunday dinner with the use of my brand-new whirlpool appliances and recently updated my kitchen and Lowe’s was so kind to provide me with all new appliances and I’ve.

Shared all of that over on the blog and I’m gonna leave the link.

To the blog post in the description below so be sure to head on over and to check it out now let’s get started the first thing we’re going to do is make dessert and for dessert we’re having a guy nice tile baked custard this is a.
Super super easy recipe first we’re.

Gonna start with beaten eggs 2 which we’re gonna add a condensed milk evaporated milk not Meg and vanilla are we gonna mix it all together and we’re starting with.

The dessert first because this needs to cool for several hours at room temperature and in the fridge so we start with the custard we bake it we stick it in the fridge and while that’s chilling.

Then we get started on Sunday dinner once Sunday dinner is done the custard should be nice and chilled and ready to be eaten and enjoyed after.

Dinner I’m using vanilla bean paste but any vanilla extract will work just as well and don’t forget your freshly grated nutmeg it only takes a.

Second guys and it doesn’t make a difference the next step is to strain this mixture into a greased baking dish the reason is really is just to make sure that if we have any pieces of anything or any piece of equipment that have been beaten all the way through then.

It will be caught in the strainer place into an oven that’s been preheated at 350 degrees and bake for approximately an hour the next thing we’re going to get started on is the big chicken curry and yes I do know.
That this is not traditional but it is delicious I’m.

Adding garam masala cumin curry powder salt black pepper grated garlic and thyme to the chicken and a little bit.

Of oil just so it’s not so dry and then I’m just gonna massage the chicken and get it nice and coated be sure to wash your hands well once you finish hand in a chicken to prevent cross-contamination now place into the fridge and let it sit for about an hour.

And let me tell you guys I absolutely love this fridge it is the Whirlpool counter-depth fridge and it has a ton of space I love all the storage in the door and I love the bright LED lights and let me tell you this fridge has a place for everything there’s even a platter pocket which comes in so handy for storing large casserole dishes.

Now let’s get started on the rice a further rice we’re gonna make a golden vegetable rice and the first thing we’re gonna do is heat up some oil and then we’re gonna saute some onions once the onions have softened.

Now we’re gonna add the vegetables which is gonna give this rice its beautiful golden color and that’s a combination of pumpkin and carrots now you can substitute pumpkin for butternut squash it’ll work just the same we’re gonna add some thyme and they were gonna cook this and let it soften.

Guys I don’t know what I was thinking using this very small pot but as you can see I had to switch to a larger pot next I’m going to add the rice and I am using long grain or white rice and to that I’m going to add chicken broth coconut milk and pepper all three of these amazing recipes will be linked in.

The description box down below look at that beautiful color this is what the rice is going to.

Absorb and this is what gives it its golden color the last thing we’re going to do is add a little bit of salt to taste before we bring it up to a boil and then we’re gonna cover it and let it simmer and cook for about 20 to 25 minutes and I’m going to go ahead and set the time on my smart Whirlpool microwave and I love the fact that everything is accessed from this beautiful touch screen I’m a bit of a techie so I love the fact that the.

Stove the dishwasher and the microwave are all smart appliances.

And our Wi-Fi enabled this means that.

I can control it from an app in my smartphone or on the tablet I also love that this oven is a true confession oven and it has the ability to take your standard recipe and adjust it based on time and temperature to contract the standard cooking time for this chicken is 45 minutes at 400 degrees the century using a convection oven it will actually cook in 36.

Minutes instead of 45 in a little oven is ready we’re going to take the chicken and we’re gonna stick it into the oven and let it do its thing now the custard.

Cooling and now we’re gonna take it and place it into the fridge on that platter pocket see how handy it is and there you have it guys we have a wonderful Sunday dinner including dessert the rice is perfectly cooked and as you can see it absorbed all.

That beautiful color and flavor from the pumpkin and the camera the chicken is cold and brown and it is delicious the custard is just perfectly big and it has a nice rustic appearance none.

Of your cult you’ve eaten you guys it’s time to clean the dishes are we gonna do so today with the help of my Whirlpool dishwasher I love this third rack this is really for things like my knives measuring spoons measuring cups and odd pieces thank you guys for joining me and I hope you’ve enjoyed this video all of the recipes are below the description box and be.

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