Oh good morning what is up everyone how are you doing good morning everyone welcome back to another beautiful day here in Dubai now today I’m actually starting out the vlog in the park I never knew this we actually have a park right next to our house and it’s massive but there’s just nobody here it’s weird so here’s thing.

Today we actually have something crazy about to happen on the vlog there are people coming to our house they have like 10 flamethrowers with them it’s gonna sound weird you’re not gonna understand until you see it so right now I’m gonna go home and show you exactly what’s happening all right oh.

So we just made it back home right now and today I don’t know exactly what’s happening but they need to take off the grass otherwise we might burn the house down literally like burn that stuff are you ready bro it’s like a fire guys oh my goodness oh my god yeah I’m.

Pretty sure this is safe guys but we’re gonna have like tons of fire in our back garden so no I’m confused what are these blue things here I think those are the.

Flamethrowers oh maybe you’re right there’s gas cylinders attached today oh my god mom come here by the way this is my mom’s idea mommy what are you doing these are all gas cylinders and I’m pretty sure these are gonna be flame throwers in.

Our garden listen today we have a big show happening on the so buckle up stay tuned and.

We’re gonna prepare everything oh my god that’s insane I don’t want to stand here okay so right now I think they’re almost set.

Up with what they’re about to do guys bro that says MV right there oh boy they’re about to burn my.

Name I’ve never seen anyone do this I know bro please don’t burn our house down those flames can go really.

High I think they’re just testing them right now oh my god they have like one of those small things okay guys it’s about to go down oh oh why I’m standing here bro I’m backing up I don’t know here goes nothing the show is about to begin listen it’s already dark I don’t know what’s about to happen but they’re about to start guys this is bad news this is crazy guys oh my god oh my god I know it sounds.

Crazy every time the fire happens I feel all this is not okay oh wow look at this ankle help me help me hey this is probably the coolest show.

I’ve ever seen Wow Wow that’s madness I think the neighbors think something’s going on bro neighbors are gonna kill us now Rob that was legit fireworks I’m done like down that’s crazy oh my god bro okay crazy I’m gonna take this picture here oh yes there you go download this show that.

There no this is the craziest thing ever I’m scared you.

Know this there you go that is the show.

You know I’m concerned this for like having a big party no somebody’s beeping out so I think the neighbors think our house on fire I hope you enjoyed the show major major shout out to the guys I’m gonna leave.

Everything in the description if you guys want something like this go check them out that.

Is insane we have a burning mold logs in my house like look at this this is my initials.

Oh Nani you want to turn your hands a little bit do something dude do a show for us don’t.


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