Hey guys real nice and Molly here welcome to our Channel once again today we will be making a carrot cake for you guys with the topping and for this recipe here we’re going to be using some all-purpose flour evaporated milk condensed milk sugar carrots cooking oil eggs baking powder cinnamon powder and mix essence so those are our ingredients.

There so let’s get started so this is gonna be an upside-down cake guys the topping is gonna be at the bottom there so Molly is freezing or pan to begin with and she is just using some margarine to.
Do this with and that’s just some flour the usual.

Thing ok guys so to begin with Molly is gonna be making the topic you got.

In there and now the condensed milk so you’re gonna add that mixture to the bottom of your pan so now we’re going to set this aside and work on a mixture for the cake so we have our carrots all Eagles on a spray container so we have our carrots grated and we get a now on the flour.

To our mixing bowl now the sugar give that a mix in goes the carrots I know you’re going to add the egg now the oil so we give this a good mix and now we’re gonna add the.
Baking powder so we have now added the cinnamon powder the mix essence.

I’m the baking powder so you’re gonna give that a good mix again okay guys so oven is heating up there we gonna add our mixture now to our pan okay guys our oven is hot are you gonna go put this in there and that’s it see you in a bit okay guys so here is our cake.

It’s all done doing our regular test and doesn’t that look good Wow look at that guys that’s what we’re talking about that’s a beauty.

Right there ever seen a card cake like this okay guys our paper school off I’m gonna cut it now oh there we go look at that beautiful okay guys so that’s it for.

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