Oh god damn this is what you call a lineup Bugatti Bugatti a Bugatti yo good morning everyone welcome back to another vlog now today I’m actually starting out the vlog in a really unexpected way there’s three Bugattis behind me so basically I came over to deals on wheels the first stop of my day and I’m literally here to.

Pick up a brand new car that I’m getting but don’t worry it’s not a Bugatti let me go and show you.

What it is but god damn this is gorgeous they actually have a crazy amount of new cars I’ve just come in that includes these three bad boys over here they have a McLaren p1 a Bentley by the way this is actually the.

Brand new Bentley and it looks absolutely amazing like ah I’m so excited like look at these cars look at these cars.

We have a full carbon fiber Bugatti and a blue Bugatti over here and finally like a Hermes brown one like this is really really special I haven’t seen Bugattis in a while so and this brings back a lot of memories hi boy so here’s the thing right now.

As I told you today I actually bought a brand new car and this is probably the cheapest car I’ve ever bought okay I got a really really good deal guys I bought a ring or and you’re not even gonna believe.

How much I paid for this car guys I paid under $7,000 what so we got a really good deal on this range over which is crazy like imagine a.

Range Rover Sport for under $7,000 that’s crazy so I ended up buying it for like a family car I know it’s not something crazy but it’s something really nice for like a daily car and don’t worry my mum’s Rolls Royce is coming really soon before I take this car off to show my family I want.

To show you some other cars they have to play because today like there are so many cars and to be resolved it looks like I feel like a baby that’s just gone to a candy store like let’s go check out some cars oh my god guys so many Lamborghinis yo-yo okay I don’t know.

If you guys can see this one two three four five six seven Lamborghinis just in this line like there’s more on the other side all right here we go inside the Range Rover oh here goes nothing this switch this bad boy on oh yeah it ways right now I’m actually gonna go home I’m gonna go show my family the new car and I think it’s really nice like it’s a very nice family car okay I’m repeating myself let’s go home I’ll be.

Showing my family the new car let’s do this by the way for all of you ask you in the conversation that’s.

Actually not my car so we just borrowed that from our friend.

But now we have the Range Rover oh wow he’s nice mommy you like yeah all right guys so my mom just came outside to see the car honestly it looks really really good okay mommy how about this keep the Range Rover and I’ll take the rolls-royce what do you mean what do you mean don’t worry my mom’s new car is still coming she has a new rolls-royce coming it looks amazing it’s getting wrapped right now mommy imagine under $7,000 sold.

Good like such a good price mommy light I’ll sell it to you for $10,000 I need to make some money to Lana come see the new car we got another one wait wait wait relax you like it Bry go check.

It out all black bro imagine under $7,000 that’s the cheapest car I’ve ever bought my life wait what are you running around the car for it’s nice I mean we never had like this.

Is our of our first like for real Drive the only thing is when I break the steering wheel kind of shakes Oh down so we might break down but it doesn’t matter cuz it was still under $7,000 hi guys basically today we actually have a really cool event that we’re going to it’s.

A hawawa event so bin baz is gonna be there who I’m gonna get you yeah what are you talking about you know listen guys listen all if you love bin baz he’s actually he’s a.

Good guy guys don’t think I’m not gonna beat him up I know you’re gonna get upset about that now that you in the.

Car right now we’re heading out to the event so let’s go and have some fun we could buy 30 Range Rovers for your Lamborghini rental bro you know 30 Range Rovers.

As long as we get that amazing deal like which is never gonna happen oh ok so we just made it over here to the hawala we event guys and they’ve actually got like something happening in the middle of.

This lake there’s the Burj Khalifa there’s the halawi stand and we just made it here my sisters also working with hawawa now so a gay guy hello is God guys look at this welcome to higher intelligence but what is going on over here entrance over here is like.

A waterfall of smoke like touch it come over here guys it looks that looks so cool whoa that is crazy hahaha that is awesome anyways we just made it over here it’s time to go check everything out hi boys.

We just made it inside here as I said this place is like super futuristic like really scared I’m.

Gonna walk into a mirror right now right now me.

My sister just made it inside the hallway event now there’s a ton of people here as you can see like it’s crazy but I want to show them.

My favorite thing about this phone okay guys now obviously we’re just here to chew or check out some stuff I think big bats already left like bruh yeah you’re coming around they actually have like a little model of the Burj Khalifa guys and if you come on the camera look at this a normal camera sees like this but the hawawa bold you can see the entire thing now that we’re here I’m with my.

Man who saw a winner game listen oh wow he is.

Killing it we’re in Dubai guys they had the entire guajillo go on the Burj Khalifa yeah don’t forget Hawaii what is it the king of smart.

Ah we’re just chillin over here is older side uses are the twins these TV guys go check them out you want to go.

Prank some people yeah I have somebody knocking guys stay tuned we’ll do one or do one piece our guys are boy suffer now he just finished up at the event and I was just about to leave bro you don’t you don’t even believe what I just found unlocked our hobby on the table bro.

Noreen’s photo is on the Hawaa we like wait wait.

Let me I got this I got this guy’s.

What bro do you think she’s here for the event marinas back no bro I don’t know why would she not tell me she’s in Dubai.

Me I don’t think so what if she doesn’t like me what if we’re not friends anymore would you.

Be or Jimmy as soon as the intro video mode you just click on this and you find al color AI and then you can move move move your hands do you see that they have like a feature on video mode where you can like change the color of the background have you ever seen a poetry by do.

Not do again another color portrait.

Mode and video oh my goodness that is so crazy bro I’m dr.

Heading out of the event as I said they.

Have the coolest entrance over here guys it’s like a waterfall entrance.

Brah oh my god for now we’re heading out let’s go.

Look at that yo whoa they put Jana Yolo in front aboard Khalifa come on that’s the only other sign guys so we came outside right now the event was super cool but they have like a cool little hand sign over here in front aboard Khalifa I cool it the yellow Yolo thanks guys right now we’ve been having a ton of fun at the Hawaii event we just met ton of really cool people I mean we.

Were twins twinsies alike that’s so cool I don’t know my sister about they remind you of.

Your to do I can’t no no man I don’t even know and again you got me feeling closer Thomas northeast over.


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