Yeah I think was was good was also a team effort but I think everyone I think everyone on the team was rootin for coupon he just gave us a wonderful performer in every game I just try to do my best so whatever is my best holiday I take it would entitle fun and me being able to perform like.

This and I find a lot I could not I think if people had but foliages people to forget I would get this even better so I think.

The crowd has a big part to play nerdy continue supporting us whether we were dumb.

Walk on out but I think we deep Stinney and keeping keeping us in the game I think change was I think was well done I think when you’re wrong bass you have a lot of positivity I think he he never makes you second-guess yourself and you always want you to do exactly what what he sees you you can do so I think he’s always motivating everyone and he’s always at he’s always positive and he brings a positive vibe to the team I wouldn’t say back at my best are at.

The tournament and it’s it’s good about the tournament but they’ll take some time to get back there hopefully I can continue working hard and with tournaments like this continue doing good and hopefully be back yeah I think when you don’t.

Have to ask them to come to the games if they call you and say well just drop the ticket and I’m there so it gives.

You that that love are not trying to go there and perform for not only fun but the family and I think.

He could not so better once you have.

A family behind you think eBay gold I think boom crowd I think whom people you get to express yourself.

I think when I go outside I just tend to relax a little more.

And just be be in the shadows of it I definitely not even see the Sun Ln Kolkata but populated city the team winning in Bogota hopefully we could win more title.


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