Well I don’t care give me the keys Oh give me the keys bro he just let me tell you ain’t gonna like em oh good morning what is on everyone welcome back you ate another video so today we actually have a very special day because first things first I know how long you guys have been waiting for the.

PlayStation giveaway but today I finally got the limited-edition spider-man Playstations stunner I know it came really late guys but make sure subscribe and comment on this video and I’ll pick the winner in the.

And just to let you know I actually got to yeah because it came late we have to now which is pretty awesome so.

Yeah lucky so here’s the thing a couple days ago I came looking at some luxury watches and today I’m actually picking up my brand new watch now it’s nothing like a million dollars or anything crazy but it’s still really nice and so yeah I just got here guys and let’s go check out the watch right now they’re actually bringing.

The watch now as I said the watch I’m getting is something very normal it’s nothing too crazy no million dollars but it’s really nice and yeah guys check it out so here it.

Is guys this is my brand you watch okay before I show you the watch I got let me introduce you to the owner of the place my friend Harlan hey I love the watches they’re crazy guys by the way he’s been helping me pick like I’ve been here 10 times I thought I.

Pie watch bro what’s the best watch in your opinion well I love every Swiss brand they are all beautiful at.

The moment I’m very five seven eleven Patek Phillipe I am down a simple guy a very simple guy guys but he.

Owns like literally guys he could pick any of these which is the cool part but he chose like you choose this address simple which I really like that but I mean wow every watch here by the way is over a hundred thousand so this is like a good maybe three million.

Dollars you get to see like this is just part of his collection but I’m.

Here and I think it’s time to show you my watch I show them yes more Winer guys let me show you the watch I’m getting so let’s do this three two one somewhere.

In er okay tell them about this watch that we picked I’m wearing a green it’s a highly.

Demanded watch huge rating this in the boutique.

And more he went for this watch so yeah guys there you go this is the watch I.

Got now as I told you it’s something really simple but this one is really really hard to get hold up so they help me get my hands on it like if you go to any Rolex there’s like a crazy crazy waiting list for it so I managed to.

Buy this I mean it’s dope like let me know let me know what your thoughts are about this for you nice I told you that right now I’m meeting up with one of my friends and this is somebody I haven’t.

Seen in a really long time it’s been a long time Bronson is alive I know a lot of you been like yo where’s Raschid he’s missing is.

He alive guys don’t know where he’s alive he’s out here boy but my sister just got teeth whitened like you oh yeah so you joined the gang we came to have some shawarma it’s like it’s like chicken side bread and it like it looks like this oh.


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