About to crash proof Elma centers on human sinners for all of you that missed Russia I.

Just want to say stay tuned because my boy is going to be back on YouTube very soon and inshallah he will be back so stay tuned guys and this is I know Russia’s been disappeared he is still devised most famous kid and richest kid and everything by the way guys he’s so humble.

Like nowadays I don’t even quote him richest kid because he doesn’t like that.

Title like he’s still divisor just kidding but it doesn’t like being called rich nothing left oh by the way tomorrow I believe me to London oh my god I forgot to tell.

It like a boy so I just made it back home right now as you can see I have the Playstations something you don’t know.

It’s okay in this box over here there’s actually a gold PlayStation apparently I don’t know two months ago me and my friends Russian and sigan we went to comic-con which is I can event in Dubai and they actually promised to send us a golden PlayStation and it just arrived I’m inside the house I’m.

Here with Lana who’s behind the camera so Lana I want you to open this open it are you ready 3 2 1 oh oh wait a second this is not gold alright let’s still open it I don’t know this is a limited edition place it I thought what’s a gold one I have to admit a really cool box Limited Edition PlayStation oh wait wait a second whoa okay it’s not gold but it’s actually like a see-through PlayStation right let’s switch.

It on and see what it looks like all right so yeah there you go boys that is the new PlayStation it’s definitely not gold but it is really cool it’s got like this whole like I don’t even know what you call this like you can see the lights and the inside of the PlayStation so hello yo I so right now I was just.

Home guys and there’s someone that keeps banging on the door it’s kind of annoying right now like what’s up but stop it’s fake video mojo cheeky one relax look I know this is here oh yeah are you okay I’m good little worried about it.

Boy I’m a senior in the Minuteman I see you sis like a little larger so we’re here for that.

Moment good hey no shaggy hey man I’m really upset right now mode that’s all i’ma tell you that right now I’m upset and I’m glad I’m glad that thing right there is right there my car what is such a car.
Man you know content is most.

I’m acting stupid man o-69 ya know you know car that is I don’t know you.

See when you did to me don’t act like that Moe yo six man if you want your car back row tell the hole where I’ll look Benny well cuz you disability tell them ugly you’re not the king in New York in your good lucky you just bring them nothing I look good I look good six nine well I don’t keep oh yeah i’m gnobo you disrespect me vote no no give me the keys also give me the keys no give me the keys bro because.

He’s not getting no no I look normal he just let me tell Audrey angle D my video today mm oh.

Hi guys so right now we’re behind the scenes you know they’re robbing my car well let’s see how this goes there’s a lot of money on the floor the neighbors are gonna come we’re shouting like there’s like.


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