A crazy argument listen I’m a blog peace out the old jokes aside my boys you just pulled up to the crib guys me so I love.

Me so love you know basically 6/9 car was here she came and I I mean it’s your car Burma.

It’s my car now guys we recorded a skit go check it out on this channel I mean it’s gonna be out way before my blog so you already know this might start some beef with six now but it’s all love we love all of you bro six nine don’t come at me bro wait wait wait bro did you see what she just did bro he was going crazy so cheeky just pulled up to my house.

You guys should know him he’s the guy that did the Kiki challenge.

Like the one he’s been with Drake died he’s Drake’s boy like boy he just pulled up to my house.

Stealing 6/9 Ferrari yeah I don’t know they had guys six nines my boy I loved him but he they stole the car bro what do I do I didn’t mean what just happened right now there’s a lot of shouting involved.

I think neighbors called the police because it seemed like violence but we’re all okay and that’s all that matters a couple of last things I.

Want to say is stay tuned because we’re working on our brand-new Indian song as I told you it’s gonna be super dope here’s like a little sneak peek of what it sounds like just the beat.

Okay so right now we’re working on.

Something new something you never heard before we’re actually creating Indian music.

Yeah it’s gonna be it’s gonna be really different but it’s gonna be special and as I said guys don’t forget if you want to come be us I’m just I’m just super excited I’m gonna tell you every single day before we come cuz I.

Want to meet every single one of you and we’re making a special Indian song for you okay now I don’t want to give away too much but you’re gonna see it at the show and this is just like a sneak peek of the beep that’s a little sneak peek of the beat it’s really like it kind of fits them with everything but stay tuned as I said this year is all about surprises and I can’t wait to share.

Everything with all of you yeah I love you all I’m asleep right now and tomorrow we actually have a flight to catch.


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