What’s up everybody today I’m going to tell you how to save money on your trip to Thailand and this video is for people who are planning on a 1 to maybe 6 suite vacation somewhere in that neighborhood this is not really for someone who is planning to come long-term that kind of thing let me just jump right into.

This that way we can move right along hopefully I’ll answer most of your questions if not you’re welcome to leave questions in the comments section below there are two major ways to save money on your trip to Thailand the first major way is transportation.

How you get here and how you go home the second is your accommodations we’re going to start with how you get here Fleiss I’m going to tell you that I use 3 apps or websites to find my flights to get to and from those websites and the order of least used our sky scanner that is.

Probably my least used app or website that I used to.

Then CheapOair I have used cheapo in.

The past they have been decent but their customer service is shaky at best so what I typically do is go with my number one app and that is kayak if you have never used kayak calm or the kayak app I strongly encourage you to.

In the city you want to go to the dates that you want to go and it will pop up a price for you no problem now how do you save money using these apps first each one of these apps will have airlines that the other app doesn’t have so you’re going.

To get more choices by going and using three different apps or three different websites now please.

Remember the cheaper the ticket that you buy most likely the more stopovers you’re going to have and the longer the layover is going to be so if you’re a person that doesn’t want to.

Stop twice on an international flight or someone who cannot handle twelve or fourteen hour layover then you may want to look at something a little more expensive typically cheap cheap airfare comes with two stops and long layovers most of the time there are exceptions to the rule and I’m going to tell you how to get to those exceptions in just a minute for me personally long layover is not too much of a problem because I can.

Keep myself busy either using the Internet some of the airports provide showers there are many other things I can do to kill time so long layover for me are generally not a problem but they may be for you on the stopover issue if changing planes several.
Times is gonna be a problem for you.

Then you may want to go with the more.

Expensive ticket because generally if you buy a cheaper ticket.

You’re gonna have to lay over somewhere unfortunately that’s just the way it works the way you save money by using these apps is you find the flight right on the application and.

You pick the flight out then you go to the website of the airline that carries the flight.

Let’s just use Delta for example let’s say that you find a delta flight.

That has a JetBlue connection with the Cebu Pacific connection or an AirAsia connection or a Thai air connection or whatever but Delta is the primary airline carrying that flight so what.

You do is go to Delta’s website and look for the same flight on their website typically it’s gonna be a little bit cheaper than it was on the kayak Skyscanner or CheapOair site so that’s one way to save money and one thing to keep in the back of your mind always check the airline itself for the flight that you want after you.

Found it on the application because there is a good chance that you will save more money by booking directly through the airline keep in mind there is a 99% chance that these cheap flights will not be refundable and if you want to make any changes to your itinerary you’re gonna be looking.

At somewhere around the minimum of a hundred US dollars in order to make any kind of changes you also need to read the fine print very carefully make sure your baggage luggage charges weights all of that stuff is included if not you’re gonna have to purchase it so be sure to take all those things into consideration now let’s talk accommodations there are.

Two main sites that I use for accommodations the site that I use the least is Airbnb the reason I use it at least out of the two is because I typically when I travel throughout the country now I use a another website but when I’m flying to a country on vacation Airbnb is a great great option each.

Airbnb you must remember this is independently owned and operated so they all have their own set of rules.

Airbnb does provide an umbrella guideline of basic rules but each house or each apartment or each condo that you stay in that is an Airbnb is usually probably.

Owned and operated so you need to check to be sure there’s no curfew you need to check to be sure there’s no minimum night required to stay you need to check for deposits pets all.

That stuff be sure you read all the fine print again with Airbnb now the advantage to Airbnb is usually you can get a nice place with everything that you need Wi-Fi kitchen bedroom etc for about 15 to 25 dollars a night that’s here in.

Thailand usually you can find something that cheap that gives you access to those things often times you will also either have a washing machine at your place or have access to do your laundry locally when you book through Airbnb so.

Airbnb is a good option for a short term traveler personally myself my favorite app used to any room as hotels calm hotels calm if you’ve traveled very often every tenth night that you used them they give you a free night.

That will also give you a free night after you’ve taken so many surveys on the hotels that you’ve stayed in with them there are multiple ways to earn.

Free nights and discount at nights to hotels calm many times after you take a survey or after you fill out a questionnaire for them that will offer you 10% off.

Of your next booking they typically give you plenty of time to make that booking so it’s not like you have to book another.

Hotel within seven days they usually give you a month or more there are also a silver and a gold reward program with hotels calm to qualify for the silver program you need to stay at least 10 nights using hotels calm within your subscription year your subscription year simply means when you started using Hotel calm as a subscription service what does a silver membership entitle you to well it’s gonna get you a.


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