Ladies and gentlemen we took the opportunity today take 18 week old Vesper Vaughn proof in putting off sight we took the leash off just a little bit ago and kind of wanted to shoot an unedited video give you guys kind of a look at how this girl’s character and training is both developing and only 18 weeks of age.

She’s super enthusiasm they’re really good focus and she’s never been at this sytems before this is our.

Kentucky wildlife headquarters and it’s got a lot of distractions just had a plane take off behind us at our local airport got geese.

Flying in and out this girl right here processing a lot of noise but not letting any of it interfere with her work or execution of her tricks or client obedience you see.

We’ve got a good little imprint on the healing there that’s gonna look beautiful by the time we actually request for it and training formal training okay remember this is teaching but by the time we get to training that healings gonna come along super nice roll over with a go.

Back and of course as you seen earlier the weave and the spins dog loves do all that kind of stuff most importantly talks just loves to work all right guys so there’s an outdoor and off the.

Leash look at Vesper again only 18 weeks of age shaping up very nicely she’s going many place you.


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