Good morning everyone day 20 Carrie is just texting my bus just before she goes to work I checked it last night as well and it was what was it 105 over 60 so that’s getting low I’m starting to feel it I’m starting to feel pretty weak mind is still there but and I’m not as I think the same.

I’m not okay I’m not any more or less lightheaded but my.

Body is just getting a little more it’s getting a little more difficult to stuff what was the first reading what may be of assist 90s again 90 over 60 you don’t think Saturday and I formatter wait till Saturday someone needs.

To be with you 24/7 check this area trying to be on to Peter anything this is music I do some resection I’ll look into it today I’m supporting evidence cutting you off Anna and yes I probably sound touched everybody watching this like I don’t give a.

That’s what happens when you get married guys you can’t make your own decisions and your safety before anything else don’t look I’m glad that I decided on the 21 and not further I think that.

Was a good number I’m gonna look up I’m gonna look up blood pressure and fasting blood pressure not email the doctors that I’ve been in contact with them and see what they saying stuff if y’all could see wish no connection no come on babe just your thing not impressed it’s not impressed all right guys.

So I’m gonna do some research I’ll do a weigh-in and then I’ll let you know the verdict we’ll see mmm email the doctor that I’ve been in contact with how are you yeah it’s it’s uh the the diastolic pressure so the bottom number is the pressure like the.

Amount of pressure in your arteries when your heart is still when your heart is at rest between beats you know and then the top number is the pressure of the amount the heart generates when it.

Pumps through the arteries so the bottom is that yeah.

It’s the rest yeah break out when the body is not strong enough to push the toxins out then you start getting your ashes of the whole thing so that means your your toxifying yourself you know me hmm yeah connection which I was trying to make you.

Know further I don’t have you know complete knowledge about how it all functions you.

Yourself you are still able to move around and everything yeah I’m a little weaker but the.

Same like not much different than before like I still feel fine I don’t feel any more dizzy or anything yeah she she just took it before she left for work yeah or you go on the.

Computer and just try to get a little bit more information at this point because you know the nine is -.
Hell yeah yes you know I don’t I.

Just don’t you know I I’m not hoping that I disconnected to that what I am just saying that your body is not able to dump at all anymore you know it just keeps the toxins on it yeah yeah yeah I just emailed a doctor that is experienced with fasting so I’m gonna wait for his reply and then I’m googling some stuff to see what I find and yeah breakouts have stopped I don’t think my back is getting any worse.

So I think that’s maybe a good sign and.

Gonna pay close attention and then my sister is gonna.

Come over today and kind of just be with me just in case you know yeah thanks for checking.


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